Colombia: What the visit of Pedro Sánchez left

Negotiations with the ELN and the crisis in Venezuela were some of the topics to be discussed among the leaders of each country

Colombia: What the visit of Pedro Sánchez left

The first visit to Latin America of President Pedro Sánchez to countries such as Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Colombia, had as main objective to recover and strengthen relations, distanced by the economic crisis suffered in Spain towards 2008 and the estrangements of his predecessor, Mariano Rajoy , to governments of his time such as Lula Da Silva (Brazil) and Cristina Fernández (Argentina). However, the outlook in Latin America has changed, since Macri governs in Argentina, Temer in Brazil and Duque does in Colombia.

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Although he did not visit Venezuela or Nicaragua, he said during his visit to Chile that he does not seek to get involved in the affairs of both countries, and that in the case of Venezuela the best thing is a dialogue between Venezuelans that opens a new stage for the country.

As for Colombia, President Pedro Sánchez offered Ivan Duque all his willingness to be a facilitator in the peace negotiations with the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN), according to Caracol Radio.

What meaning can Sánchez's offer to Duque have?

According to an interview given by the ELN to the EFE agency, the acceptance of Duque a Sánchez would mean a "welcome gesture" to advance the peace negotiations.

However, after being elected as president, Iván Duque announced that he would put conditions on the ELN so that the dialogues could continue since he could not continue making mistakes like talking while the acts of violence were still active in that guerrilla.

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"The message must be clear, the only way to build a process that gives confidence to the Colombian people should be the suspension of all criminal activities and the best way to proceed in that area, it must be a concentration with international supervision," he said during his victory speech.

To Duque, Juan Manuel Santos left him the challenge of achieving a bilateral ceasefire and an agreement on the point of participation of the society of peacebuilding, which is the first of six that had the agenda already agreed upon since the 20th. March 2016

What other things did you talk about?

In the meeting that took place in the Plaza de Armas of the Casa de Nariño in Bogotá, around 11 am on August 31, the president of Spain told Duque that from the European Union the aid of 35 million dollars was approved. euros for Latin America to face the migratory crisis of Venezuelans, details El Tiempo.

There was also talk of the peace process agreed with the FARC, for which, according to El Tiempo, Sánchez, referring to Duque, said: "Duque want peace for Colombia and that it be forever and lasting." He also offered Duque help so he could implement what was negotiated with the FARC.

About the Anticorruption Consultation, he highlighted El Tiempo "is an unprecedented fact because it was a commitment to a regenerated and clean democracy. We share the same objective in Spain, which is to eradicate the corruption of politics."


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