The eSports takes over the Formula One

The highest category of motor racing already has its own video game event, which was recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee

The eSports takes over the Formula One

It is not something new, but something that it's getting more and more popular. The "Grand Prix" of motorsport, mainly Formula One, have become multicultural and varied events in which not only will riders see the asphalt, but also fairs and musical concerts. The Electric Formula has also put it IGNORE INTO practice, and successfully. They have a virtual area that has attracted many people. Therefore, the highest category of motorsport has ventured IGNORE INTO a new world.

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Yes, Formula One has decided to open its doors to the future and as indicated by SoyMotor.com, eSports are a way to achieve this goal. That is why Liberty Media, the brand that today commands the queen division of motorsport, did not hesitate to approve the first Formula One World Championship, in video games format.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized in the VI Olympic Summit, held in October 2017, that eSports are already a sports activity. Without forgetting that to be considered a sport they must "not infringe the Olympic values", starting shortly after their dialogue "with the gaming industry". For now, this discipline will receive medals for the first time in history at the Asian Games of 2022, according to Cadena Ser of Spain.

How and through what?

F1 has designed, through eSports, its own world championship with an official video game of Codemasters, after launching this new version of the year 2018. There does not end the evolution, because nine of the ten teams that make up the circuit, with the exception of Ferrari, have been involved in the project.

The objective of this 2018 edition is the same as that which has been applied to this video game since 2016: to be really a runner who lives the experience of F1 throughout 10 seasons. Within that also includes reaching wins with his team and get seen by teams of greater reputation to ensure better contracts, according to Record of Mexico.

According to SoyMotor.com the scope of this proposal can be unimaginable. The commercial director of the Formula 1, Sean Bratches, began the negotiations with the IOC to turn eSports IGNORE INTO an Olympic sport in the future. This would allow F1 to have Olympic medals in the virtual world before the traditional, which has never been in the calendar of Olympic activities.



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"We are reimagining Formula 1 as a brand, we are moving towards new spaces that until now we had not touched and I would like to have a conversation with them about Formula 1," Bratches confessed in an interview for Reuters and that was replicated by SoyMotor .com. Although on the possibility that the eSports enter the calendar of the edition of Paris 2024, he referred to the possibility of creating independent games that are endorsed by the IOC.

For his part, the director of the McLaren Group, Zak Brown, was also optimistic about the proposal. "It is a great opportunity to open the doors to those who do not have economic resources. A good way to give the wheel to a young man from any part of the world. The eSports will be big and global ", reported SoyMotor.com.

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"ESports Day" Conference

NoticiasCyl.com highlights, even more, the growth of eSports in the last year. In this case, through the "eSports Day", which was recently held in Spain, including virtual sports like Formula 1 and FIFA Soccer, as well as "B-Games" and "Clash Royale" in which registered players participated gratuitously motivated by the prize of 750 euros.

In turn, the neuroscientific consultant Sociograph conducted a test on September 8 at the headquarters of the University Isabel I of the city of Burgos through different electronic sports competitions and returning to motorsport, performance tests of pilots in order to analyze live the physiological responses of drivers during different situations of the race. Based on this information, try to improve the performance of professional pilots, and of course, virtual drivers.

The advantages of Codemasters

As mentioned in the first paragraphs of this article, the video game Codemasters, achieved with its 2018 edition, further expand the realism that is lived in this discipline not only on the tracks but also outside them. The best thing is that anyone can experience it and become a medium or long term, in the best pilot in history, not being professional.

Record of Mexico indicated that the F1 2018, is available in the formats of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and in it are all the drivers, teams and circuits of the current season (without Ferrari) giving the possibility to the participant of generate your own image (Avatar) and thus demonstrate your skill to dominate the car of the team you have chosen.

But careful that the task is not simple, because it requires a lot of attention in all the components of the car to adjust them and get the best possible advantage in each Grand Prix. It points Record that the attention will also be necessary to update itself with the modifications that are made to the regulation during the season.

The reality is even transferred to the press conferences that are held at the end of each session and in which participants must also show their response temper so as not to affect their relations with the rest of the pilots or to avoid the realization of an offer from another escudería, said the Mexican newspaper mentioned. So, as it reads it. Wonderful, right? Now it is possible that you are like Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel. Impossible not to be tempted.


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