Football Crisis?: Denmark called futsal players to the National team

A disagreement between the Danish Football Federation (DBU) and the World Cup players caused that, for the FIFA friendly, matches second division players were called

Football Crisis?: Denmark called futsal players to the National team

The first FIFA world post date was fulfilled and the European teams faced their international friendlies along with the start of the UEFA Nations League. However, a conflict in the Danish Football Federation (DBU) generated a football crisis in the national team. On September 4, the DBU presented the squad list to play the first friendly match of the selection after Russia 2018. In the list presented, stands out the appearance of players of the second and third division of the national league, in addition to some players of indoor football.

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"We have chosen a team of players ready to play for Denmark, the games against Slovakia and Wales are vital for UEFA not to send us to the 'fifth pine'," said Claus Bretton-Meyer, director of the DBU in a statement collected by ABC.

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Advertising conflicts

The problem between the international players and the DBU consists in the lack of renewal of the advertising contract for the players that won at the end of the World Cup. The players demand to be able to follow agreements with brands that do not sponsor, and are competitors, of the companies that sponsor the selection. In turn, the differences in the contract also include the travel conditions for the players during the commitments with the selection.

On September 1, the federation had proposed a new contract to the players union. However, the latter proposed extending the expired contract for a month, a suggestion that the DBU interpreted as a denial, so the renewal was postponed, according to the newspaper Marca.

Tottenham player and captain of the selection, Christian Eriksen, said in a statement collected by FourFourTwo, that "it does not make sense that the DBU will not accept that offer" adding that "we love to play for the national team and not for money". There is no record of a team that has called soccer players to play in instances of conventional football. However, the DBU had already experienced a similar problem with the women's team in 2015, which ended by suspending a friendly match and receiving a UEFA sanction.


Call anonymous and without professionals

The 23-player squad for the FIFA date was formed of players from the second and third categories of the Danish League, as well as six futsal players, including goalkeeper Christoffer Haagh. According to the federation, the first list of players was integrated of players from SuperLiga, the first division of Danish football. However, in the end, they did not agree due to the pressure imposed by other players on the senior team.

For that reason, the players of the definitive list had to leave hidden in a bus, which waited for them outside of the federation in Copenhagen. In turn, the DBU appointed a new technical director, John Jensen, who was accompanied by a psychologist to meet any need of the players, according to El Confidencial.

Jensen, temporarily replaced the technical director of the selection: Age Hareide, since the Federation ensures that Hareide could not lead a team that he did not select. Also, the names of the summoned ones were not revealed until the selection arrived Slovakia, where it disputed its first friendly party.

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Debut with dignity

On Wednesday, September 5, Denmark put their peculiar list of visitors against Slovakia to the test. With a futsal goalkeeper as a starter to defend the goal, the Danish team lost 3-0. However, the performance of the Scandinavian team would not be as bad as expected. The first two goals would be scored in the first half, while at minute 79, Adam Fogt, another futsal player, would score an own goal to close the score 3-0.


Quick solution

But there was a white flag on the subject a couple of days before the match at home against Wales, and it was noticed on the court, game that was won by 2-0. Team star Christian Eriksen was responsible for signing the two goals. According to As.com, the Danish federation (DBU) and the players' union arrived on Friday 7 September at night to a temporary agreement for the image rights of the players of the national team.

Yes, the agreement was temporary and will only be valid until September 30, although DBU and union already negotiate a new agreement that is permanent. Comment the respected Spanish portal, that for the game against Wales, the players were governed by the conditions that prevailed before. This was no other than regulating the participation of players in advertising events, and thus avoid conflicts with their own sponsors.

It should be clarified that the Danish federation had twice rejected the union's proposal to continue negotiations and temporarily prolong the current deal. Nor has this been the first conflict of the DBU with its athletes. In 2017, they had to face an uncomfortable situation with the women's national team for a salary issue.


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