From teammates to enemies? The war between CR7 and Sergio Ramos

Since the departure of CR7 from Real Madrid and after statements by the Portuguese soccer star, it seems that a media war has started between some of his former teammates and him

From teammates to enemies? The war between CR7 and Sergio Ramos

For the soccer world was a surprise the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid to Juventus of Turin, even after the Portuguese indicated on several occasions his desire to retire in the team of the Spanish capital. "I am going to retire at Real Madrid with over 40. I am very happy here and I work hard to achieve that," Cristiano said in conversation with the newspaper AS, weeks after signing his renewal with Real Madrid, in 2016.

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However, some problems between the player and the club, as well as the need for change "forced" the Portuguese player to look for new glories in Italy. "Cristiano leaves Real Madrid because he had been threatening to leave for years and did not realize precisely that as he added up years, the possibility grew that one day they would accept the charade and open the door for him," columnist Carlos Carpio wrote in the Marca newspaper.

The "pain" of the captain of Real Madrid

Now, there are characters who did not like the departure of Cristiano, after swearing eternal love to the club. Although in 2015, for example, Sergio Ramos said that "being Cristiano is complicated", the captain of merengue team today has not hesitated to show his preference for the team he serves over his friendship with the Portuguese star. This has been shown with some "darts" that the defender has thrown to Ronaldo in some moments in front of the microphones of the international media.

The most recent occurred with the statements that Ramos gave, on September 8, just after his team defeated England 2-1 in a match of the UEFA Nations League. In the mixed zone of the mythical Wembley stadium, Sergio said he supported his Real Madrid teammate, Luka Modric, in the search for The Best, even though the marketing was greater for "others".


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"He's a great friend (Modric) (...) there are few players that I feel so proud of having him on my team (...) He's one of the few who (if he wins) would be happy as if they gave it to me. Tthere are players with more marketing, with more name, but Modric deserves that award," said Sergio Ramos in statements collected by Infobae, and that were interpreted as an" offense "by Cristiano Ronaldo.

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A true family?

But since everything has a beginning, this quarrel between Ramos and Cristiano is no exception. Weeks after the arrival of the Portuguese at Juventus, he said in an exclusive interview with his new team that "Juve is a different club, like a family". In addition, he uploaded a photo to his Instagram account in which he and his family appear wearing the T-shirt of the Turin team.


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Of course, these statements did not please the followers of Real Madrid, especially Sergio Ramos. "We've always felt like a family here, I do not know where his shots go, the key to success has been that, we've been a family, and we've felt that way," responded the central defender. However, Sergio did not want to leave the subject there and fed the controversy with an image in Instagram stories, which shows a training of the meringues with the word "Family" in the center of the photo.


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Another who showed his anger with Cristiano, according to La Vanguardia, was Lucas Vázquez. The far right soccer player decided to respond indirectly to a photograph of the luso in which he appears sunbathing, in whose caption Ronaldo wrote "Vitamin D". Before this, Vázquez published a tweet with the word Vitamin F of family.

There is a tense atmosphere between Cristiano Ronaldo and his former teammates of Real Madrid and a media fight for the superiority of two major European clubs at stake.


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