Ready, set, go! Colombian Women’s Tour is coming

From October 10 to 14 the third edition of the Women's Tour of Colombia will be held, a competition that in its first two editions left a pleasant impression

In the best way, the organization advances before the third Women's Tour to Colombia, an event that during its first two editions captured the attention of the Colombian and international cycling fans. For this year, it promises to be loaded with much more emotion. Recently, the logistics committee announced some details about the tour that will be taking place between October 10 and 14, which is why, from LatinAmerican Post, we give you all the details about this great competition.

Leer en español: ¡Llega la tercera edición de La Vuelta Femenina a Colombia!




Despite not having a long history, which has certainly been very successful. According to the magazine revistamundociclí, The Women's Tour of Colombia was born in 2016 and repeated in 2017, versions that were celebrated with great competitiveness with the success of the Colombian Ana Cristiana Sanabria, who in consecutive years lived an interesting duel with the Venezuelan Lilibeth Chacón, who Sanabria won with a lot of effort and for very little. Interestingly, both riders have confirmed their presence for 2018, which has begun to raise a great expectation ahead of the longed for third battle for glory.

"For 2016 the event was planned for the coffee area. In 2017, it was the turn of the Cauca Valley and this time the organization moved the struggle to the center of the country, mainly through the landscapes of Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Santander," says the article in the magazine mundociclí

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The Tour

For this 2018, through the official website of the Colombian Cycling Federation (CCF), the organization explained that the event will have a route of 372, 6 kilometers, divided IGNORE INTO five stages of varied terrain, and an unpublished launch for the October 9th in the magnificent Salt Cathedral of Cundinamarca.

According to the FCC, the initial fraction scheduled for October 10 will be held over 105 km between Zipaquirá and Saboyá. The second will be arranged on 96, 7 km with Chiquinquirá-Vélez route. The third will be the individual 25-kilometer time trial between Nobsa and Santa Rosa de Viterbo. The fourth section, which is expected to be of great interest for its mountainous terrain, was laid out on 59.7 km between Duitama and Soacha, and the closing of the big fair, set for Sunday 14, raises a circuit in Sogamoso of 10, 7 kilometers (eight laps).


The importance of a competition is based on its category and without a doubt the women's coffee business is very big. The CCF portal states that the race will have an international UCI 2.2 level, and therefore will add to the international ranking both for the teams and for each one of the participating runners.


Although the committee has not made official the number of squads for the Vuelta, it already confirmed through its Twitter account the presence of the two-time champion Ana Cristiana Sanabria and the Venezuelan fighter Lilibeth Chacón, as well as the international cast.

For the previous editions, a total of 21 guests were invited, with five international casts, which is what the UCI requires for a competition of international category 2.2, which is why it can be predicted that this will be the number of foreign guests it has the race.


LatinAmerican Post | Freddy González

Translated from: '¡Llega la tercera edición de La Vuelta Femenina a Colombia!'

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