5 tips to renovate your business

Within the framework of the "Digital Next" forum, Hanoi Morillo spoke of five fundamental pillars that companies must take into account to reinvent themselves

5 tips to renovate your business

Last Tuesday, September 18, Semana and Telefónica forums held the "Digital Next" forum, which LatinAmerican Post had the opportunity to attend to discuss the opportunities and challenges that the digital ecosystem brings to companies, users and public entities.

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It is increasingly evident that companies with a greater understanding of digital transformation are better adapted to changes. The benefits of this, are reflected in the improvements in their numbers, contrary to what happens with those that are leaving aside new technologies.

About this, Hanoi Morillo, leader of the transformation and digital innovation for Spanish speaking in South America of IBM, talked about how entrepreneurs are going through a difficult moment, in which we live in a cloud of technological trends that forces us to rethink the business models.

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According to Morillo, more than half of the names on the Fortune Global 500 list, which presents the best companies in the world using income as a measure, have disappeared because they did not make a leap towards technology.

So, what should a company consider to reinvent itself?

  1. Obsession with the customer experience. Your company should be organized around the client and offer a new model of experience, with a different talent, characterized by its efficiency, motivation, and ability to offer solutions.
  2. New focus Based on the idea that all companies will be technology companies that will offer services, think about your business model from other sources, asking yourself how you can integrate innovative tools.
  3. Work in different ways Ask yourself how to eliminate barriers, how to create experiences, how to get the right talent and how to reposition the business model for your client. Also, try to be always informed of what is happening and understand what are the emerging technologies that will help you do your job better.
  4. Cloud or cloud If you still manage files or take your business information physically, you could become part of the list of missing companies. Make the transition to the cloud to obtain an infinite capacity of computational power that will allow you to act in real time and grant security to your movements.
  5. Transform your business culture. Identify the elements that determine a culture of innovation. Look for some creative heads, educate people who are already part of your company and use trends that have seemed successful in the past.

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