Are you in a toxic relationship? Find out here

Are you being controlled or manipulated physically, sexually or emotionally by your partner? Find out here

Are you in a toxic relationship? Find out here

Very often we associate a violent relationship with screaming and any form of physical abuse. However, in its early stages, it is the small signals that account for the type of person we have at our side. For this reason, in LatinAmerican Post we gather, in a list, actions that will let you know if you are being controlled or manipulated physically, sexually or emotionally by your partner.

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1. Abuse of power: in an interview with the newspaper VIX, the psychologist Yara Brom explained that a violent person will seek to reinforce inequality and impose himself/herself on the other as his/her superior. Once this happens, derogatory comments, ridicule, disqualification, contempt and insults will become part of the victim's reality.

2. Jealousy: according to the EME newspaper, it is important to pay attention to pathological jealousy. Many times we think that jealousy is a form of love, interest and desire of the other person to conserve the relationship. However, jealousy is a clear sign of insecurity and limits must be established.

The moment your partner comes to control your private life, whether reading your emails or listening to your calls, try to have a vote on things you do or do not do with your family and loved ones, or be aggressive at the time to make claims, you must put a brake on the situation.

3. Anger: it is evident that not all the time we can be happy and that our environment can easily affect our personal life. However, if your partner's episodes of anger are more frequent and within them there is indifference, gestures of disapproval, gestures of anger such as hitting walls, intimidation, threats and screaming, it will be better to get away.

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4. Manipulation: no matter what means, your partner always gets everything he/she wants. A manipulative person is very difficult to identify, because he/she will always make you feel responsible for your actions. However, he/she often cry when you tell them about their mistakes, threaten to take his/her own life if you walk away, force you to have sex and make you feel bad if you do not want to, excuse himself/herself for his/her actions and refuse to do any of the above.

5. Physical violence: according to COSMO, an obvious signal is when your partner takes advantage of his/her position of power and uses physical violence: he/she punches, slaps, bites, kicks, pinches, pushes, pulls your hair or not lets you move

Many times, without knowing it, we normalize violence in our relationships and confuse it with love. If you feel sad, depressed, emotionally exhausted, scared and if you fear that your partner is going to get angry or out of control, check the signs and make the decision to walk away.


LatinAmerican Post | Luisa Fernanda Báez

Translated from "¡Cuidado! Descubre si estás en una relación tóxica"