FIFA 19: Everything you need to know about this new edition

Electronic Arts already has prepared a new delivery of which, possibly, is the most popular video game of this company: FIFA

FIFA 19: Everything you need to know about this new edition

A new season began in international football and with it, the news about video games also began. That is why, in recent weeks, the subject that passionate about football and virtual games talk about is the premiere of the highly anticipated FIFA 19.


UEFA champions league

In relation to FIFA 18 – which reached, according to the portal 3DJuegos, the astonishing figure of 24 million copies sold since its premiere in September 2017 (2 million copies per month) -, FIFA 19 will have the license of the UEFA champions league. Without a doubt, the most anticipated news for fans of this franchise.

According to the official page of FIFA 19, the Champions League "is the protagonist in FIFA 19 for PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch thanks to the presentation of official matches, to the different experiences of tournaments, which include the Europa League and the Supercopa."



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These statements not only expose the true end of the 'brotherhood' of more than ten years between UEFA and Konami – the company responsible for creating and distributing the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) -, but also the platforms on which you could enjoy the FIFA 19 gameplay: PS4, XBOX One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Leaving aside the PS3 and XBOX 360. "PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users may have to update their consoles in 2018 if they want to enjoy the new game, although this can not be confirmed yet," said

However, in recent days, Polygon, one of the most important videogame websites in the United States, explained that FIFA 19 "extends the useful life of PS3 and Xbox 360", as confirmed by one of EA Sports' representatives. the publication "The confirmation that FIFA 19 is in development for these older systems points to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 as platforms and still relevant market spaces," Polygon explained. So the followers who still have the consoles of 'old generation', can rest easy.

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New features

Among the main changes that FIFA 19 will present, we can highlight the 'Dynamic Tactics' and 'Divided Balls'. In the first, there will be greater control in relation to the organization of the team within the field of the game and the obligations of each of the players in the tactics developed by the coach (gamer). "The renewed tactical system provides players with the tools to establish multiple tactical approaches, greater personalization prior to matches and new options for adjustments within the game," said EA Sports.



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Also, regarding the 'divided balls', the American company indicated that "thanks to the improvements in the intelligence of the teammates and the spatial vision, each duel counts in the fight for possession" , that is, the' gamer 'will have much more autonomy in each duel that is present in the fight for control of the ball (either after a rejection or in a clash between players).

Also, there will be improvements in the freedom of the gamer when defining a goal ball, as well as in the control of the ball, either when a pass is made or received, and in the dribble to another player. Finally, the Ultimate Team, the most popular game mode of the saga, and The Journalist (or El Camino, in Spanish), the story mode with which the video game since FIFA 17 counts.

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The ten best of FIFA 19

With all this, the video game has not only generated commotion by the way it can be played, but by the small details behind the 'boom' it generates. Among the most famous curiosities is the Top 10 of the best players within FIFA 19, as well as the worst.

Without thinking twice, EA Sports assigned the number one to its representative to the world: Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese was positioned in the first place with an average score of 94/100, the same as the second, Lionel Messi, only that CR7 obtained better numbers in 4 of the 6 qualification items (Speed, Regates, Shooting, Passes, Defense and Physical). The podium is finished by Neymar Jr., with an average of 92 points.



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The other seven players that are part of the Top 10 are: Luka Modric (Real Madrid), Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City), Eden Hazard (Chelsea), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Luis Suarez (FC Barcelona), David de Gea (Manchester United) and Toni Kroos (Real Madrid), in that order.



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On the other hand, at the end of the list is the Irishman Pierce Phillips. According to, the player of Cork City FC, of Ireland, occupied the last position of the ranking with only 47 points in his average. Now, the sports media says that even if it is the 'worst' player of FIFA 19, this does not make it worthy of the same title in real life. "FIFA 19 only has the average of the players that appear in the licenses obtained by the game. So do not confuse things! ", Specific Depor.

The well-known virtual soccer simulator released its demo on September 13, but the official premiere was released on September 28. This will be the twenty-sixth edition of this video game since EA Sports premiered the saga in 1993.


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Translated from: '¡Alucinante! Todo lo que debes saber sobre FIFA 19'

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