Your baby doesn´t sleep? 5 tips to help him

From the first moment, it is possible to create habits to help your baby sleep and satisfy, at the same time, your rest needs

Your baby doesn´t sleep? 5 tips to help him

The first months of a baby's life can be quite difficult for parents, who must wake up constantly to take care of their child. However, from the first moment is possible to create some habits with which you can educate your baby to help him sleep and satisfy, at the same time, your needs for rest.

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1. Pay attention to the light: according to Elizabeth Pantley, author of Baby's Dream without Tears, for the Baby Center newspaper, the lights tell your child that it's time to get going, while darkness makes the brain releases melatonin, a key hormone to sleep.

Try to make your baby recognize the difference between day and night by playing with the lighting of your home: let the sun light enter to your home in the mornings and at night reduce the intensity of light before putting him to sleep.

2. Use music: let yourself be guided by your personal tastes, but keep in mind that slow-paced songs, such as classical music or the sounds of nature are ideal for bedtime. Put some of your favorites, or sing to your baby, and wait until he falls asleep to stop the sound.

According to the newspaper Hola, music favors the learning of language, stimulates the production of endorphins, reinforces affective relationships, creativity, and cognitive development.

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3. Massages makes the difference: according to research published by the University of Miami, those babies who enjoy a 15-minute massage at night, fall asleep faster than those whose parents read them a story. Set him on a comfortable surface to access him more easily; caresses his forehead, chest, nape, back and fingers and toes.

4. Feed him at night: according to the newspaper Libertad Digital, lifting your baby at some time of the night to feed him will lengthen his sleep. About 10 o'clock, at night, try to feed him, without bothering him very much, and wake him enough for him to suck. Try to keep the atmosphere warm and the lights off so he will stay asleep.

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5. Do not come to his help so quickly: although this may cost parents a bit, it is important to let the baby learn to calm down on his own. It is not about leaving him alone, but it is about helping the baby to acquire tools that help him deal with things on his own and to fall asleep without your company. Sometimes after a while of crying, the baby will fall asleep again, but if this is not the case, take care of your baby in what he might need.


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