Make your home a safe place for your baby

Find out some tips that will come in handy when your baby starts to explore the world

Make your home a safe place for your baby

With the arrival of a baby, some adjustments must be made in our houses so that the space is as safe as possible, especially when babies begin to crawl or walk.

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No matter how harmless you think your home is, children have the ability to turn everything into a deadly weapon, so we put together some tips that will come in handy when they start to explore the world.

Do not let him in the kitchen

• Your baby should not enter the kitchen and much less if you are cooking, but if you are forced to have him there, keep your baby in his safety chair and do not leave anything within reach.
• Use the stoves at the back of your kitchen; this will help you prevent burns.
• If you let him walk freely, be sure to put sharp edges and corners of thick-covered tables in case he come across them. Do this with the rest of your house.

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In the bathroom

• Do not leave him alone while he is in the bathroom, babies can drown in shallow water.
• Measure the temperature of the water before submerging your baby. Remember that his skin is more delicate than yours.
• Put a lock on the toilet lid and teach him to always keep it down.

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Other recommendations

• Do not place any chair, furniture or object that allows him to climb to open windows. Try to install security locks or anti-opening devices.
• If you have stairs in your home, install doors on top and under them to prevent falls.
• Use plastic protectors for any outlet that is not being used.
• Keep beauty products out of the reach and sight of your baby.
• Put plants in a place where your baby cannot reach them to prevent possible poisoning.
• Keep cleaning products, small objects, and sharp objects out of reach. Secure your drawers in case you have firearms and keep them always unloaded.
• Finally, keep your home tidy. Collect the things that your baby can trip with and organize them whenever he finishes playing.


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