Do you know what Chávez, Hitler and Pinochet have in common?

LatinAmerican Post spoke with a psychologist who told us some aspects shared by the deceased presidents

LatinAmerican Post spoke with a psychologist who told us some aspects shared by the deceased presidents

Do you know what Chávez, Hitler and Pinochet have in common?

Do you know what Chávez, Hitler, and Pinochet have in common? In LatinAmerican Post we spoke with the psychologist Laura Juliana Bravo, who told us about some of the aspects that these leaders had in common that maybe you did not know, such as the personality and how they communicated with their respective peoples.

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Chávez and Hitler: more similar than you think

1. According to Bravo, Adolf Hitler was a person with very high self-esteem. However, the leader of Nazi Germany needed to be admired and supported by his nation to strengthen that personality trait. The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, explained Bravo, also needed the support and admiration of his people when he gave his speeches.

For the psychologist, this behavior is a clear symptom of a narcissistic personality disorder. This is a mental disorder that "refers to a dominant pattern of greatness, the need for admiration and the lack of empathy."

In addition, both had great charisma at the time of relating to the people of their respective peoples. You only have to watch the videos in which Hitler and Chávez appear, where the charisma they projected is evident, which made men and women of all ages follow them and receive them through tears and smiles.

2. According to Bravo, Hitler and Chávez used the same method to generate a feeling of apparent well-being among the inhabitants of their countries. On Hitler, the psychologist stated that "In each of its manifestations, speeches or events he distracted the attention of the nation through events, parties, folklore shows among other things, which gave the people a sense of totalitarian well-being."

This is something that Chávez also did in Venezuela, with the difference that the deceased Bolivarian leader participated in the folklore shows. In fact, in a video Chávez is watched at a party, singing along with several Venezuelan musicians. This is something that the ex-president used to do frequently, which generated that sense of well-being among his people.

3. In an article of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, it is also evident that both leaders used the media in their favor. Hitler, for example, used the radio and the newspaper to expand his voice and "spread fanatic extremism everywhere." It states that "nowhere is Hitler's character revealed more clearly than in his speeches, radio broadcasts, and writings."

Before his death in 2013, Chávez also made use of the media, such as television, radio, the written press and even social networks such as Twitter. This with the aim of spreading his ideology to all the corners of his nation, just as Hitler did in his time.

And what about Augusto Pinochet?

"Pinochet begins his seizure of power through seduction, he gives the idea of wanting to save his nation and later he goes on to aggression," said Bravo. She then pointed out that the Chilean dictator had an antisocial personality. According to her, this "is a pattern of inattention and violation of the rights of others." But what do Pinochet, Hitler, and Chávez have in common?

According to Bravo, this behavior associated with Pinochet was also projected by both Hitler and Chávez. Hitler, for example, told the Germans that he would get them out of the economic crisis they were in and that he would make Germany great again. Chávez, on the other hand, presented himself as a savior in the face of the bad government that Venezuela was living, according to him.

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Translated from "Descubre qué tienen en común Chávez, Hitler y Pinochet​"​​​​​​

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