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Amazing! These 5 kids became millionaires with these ideas

From web design to lemonade brands, these children show that any idea is useful when it comes to entrepreneurship

Amazing! These 5 kids became millionaires with these ideas

Nowadays and thanks to the massification of technology and communications, any idea can become a multi-million dollar business. This seems to be true for all ages because even children have been able to capitalize on the situation with multi-million dollar companies. These are only five of the children who have become millionaires without even finishing school.

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  1. Evan from EvanTubeHD

Evan, a 12-year-old American boy, has the job that all children dream of. On his YouTube channel, EvanTubeHD, Evan and his father upload toys and games reviews to their audience of 5.8 million subscribers. This YouTube channel, which began in 2011 as something that Jared, Evan's father, wanted to do to spend more time with his son, has become a multi-million dollar business that has brought fame and a lot of money to Evan and his family.

In 2014, when EvanTubeHD had only 1.3 million subscribers, it produced 1.3 million dollars per year, but now, with more than 4 times the subscribers who had then, this figure must be considerably higher.



  1. Jaylen Bledsoe from Bledsoe Technologies

Jaylen Bledsoe, a young man from Missouri, United States, founded the Bledsoe Technologies company when he was only 12 years old. At first, he was simply engaged in consultancies in technology and communications. Bledsoe self-taught web programming, studying it from the sixth grade, and at 15 he could already say that his company was valued at 3.5 million dollars. Bledsoe Technologies advises companies in the field of web design, graphics, and other technological services, by 2015 had 150 employees around the world.

Now, at 18, in addition to running his own company, Bledsoe works with the Founder's Lab at Hult University, an incubator for innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, he runs the Young Entrepreneur University, a summer camp for low-income high school students.



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  1. Robert Nay from Bubble Ball

At age 14, Robert Nay, a child from Utah in the United States, developed his own iOS game called Bubble Ball. The game was an immediate success, achieved 2 million downloads in just two weeks and since then has accumulated more than 16 million. Nay completed Bubble Ball with 4,000 lines of code (something he learned to do in the public library), with $ 1,200 that his parents gave him to buy a MacBook and the software he would need to create his game.

Only during the first two weeks, Bubble Ball raised more than 2 million dollars. Now, with many more downloads, Nay's earnings can continue to rise. In addition, Nay already owns his own mobile gaming company, NayGames.



  1. Mikaila Ulmer from Me & The Bees

Mikaila Ulmer is only 13 years old, but she is already the CEO of one of the most dynamic beverage brands in the United States: it is the lemonade company Me & The Bees. Ulmer took her idea of selling lemonade made with her grandmother's unique recipe to the television program Shark Tank, where they made an investment of 60 thousand dollars to shoot her production and distribution of lemonade, which also has an environmental component, since it seeks to protect the bees promoting responsible beekeeping and contributing money to their conservation.

Since founding Me & The Bees, Mikaila has received considerable investments, including one of $ 810,000 from former NFL players, some as successful as Arian Foster. Mikaila sells more than 360,000 bottles of lemonade a year from 500 stores in the United States.



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  1. Juliette Brindak by Miss O and Friends

At age 16 Michelle Brindak, from the United States, asked for an eight-dollar loan from her mother to open her own website. Today that same web page, called Miss O and Friends, is valued at 15 million dollars according to Procter & Gamble, one of the investors behind the website, even so, Brindak continues to be the owner. Miss O and Friends is a social platform specifically created for teenage girls and is based on characters that Brindak created when she was 10 years old. Miss O and Friends receives more than 10 million monthly visits.

Today, Brindak is 23 years old, and studies at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Brindak has expanded the business of Miss O and Friends to a series of books based on the characters that inspired the page.



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