Accelerate your muscle recovery with these 7 tips

Find here some of the things you must do to recover your muscles after a workout

Accelerate your muscle recovery with these 7 tips

After the workout, the recovery period is essential to gain strength and repair your muscle tissues. According to the newspaper Harrison Sport Nutrition, intense training causes micro ruptures in the muscle fibers and also fatigue of the nerves connected to the muscle, so, in the hours after exercise you should:

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1. Recover energy deposits: the ideal is to eat carbohydrates or proteins in the 60 minutes after exercise. Try fish such as tuna and salmon, nuts and seeds, and lean cuts of beef. These will give your body what it needs and will lead to an optimal recovery.

2. Hydrate yourself: for every 500g lost, drink 600-700ml of water. It is possible that one or two hours after exercise you are still quite thirsty, so you should not only hydrate at the end of your routine. A good way to check the level of hydration is to see if your urine looks yellow or almost transparent, which is ideal.

During training, the body also loses electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium that help with the proper functioning of electrical impulses, in muscle contractions, and the regulation of fluid levels in our body. Fruit juices are a good option to recover them.

3. Stretch: According to Freeletics, doing stretching after training will loosen tense muscles and send a signal to the brain to tell you that the training is over and that it is time to rest. Ideally, perform three sets of 15 or 30 seconds of gentle stretching.

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4. Chill: do not stop to rest immediately after exercise. Continue making movements at a low intensity for 10 to 20 minutes, you can accelerate the elimination of lactic acid from your muscles. This cooling exercise helps you reduce the feeling of stiffness you may experience after training.

5. Give yourself a massage: the newspaper Sport and Life explains that some have found that massages can accelerate recovery by up to 50 percent and reduce swelling and muscle damage. Make sure that you do not exert much pressure on your muscles so there is no risk of damaging them. It is a relaxing activity that gives you a physical, psychological and emotional benefit.

6. Sleep well: this is the easiest way to recover after training. A good night's sleep helps you to be physically and mentally prepared to face the next training. Try to include at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night in your routine.

7. Listen to your body: if you wake up the morning after a workout and do not feel strongly to move, do not force it to do so. This can wear down and atrophy your muscles.


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