Andrea Radrizzani: A businessmen who lives by and for sports

Unlike the billionaires who decide to invest in a sport as a hobby, this businessmen has become an expert in the management of sports clubs

Andrea Radrizzani: A businessmen who lives by and for sports

In current soccer, there are some clubs that have received major injections of capital. As a result, they have become part of the properties of a single owner, either through their own figure or through companies that represent them. This is the case of clubs as big as Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain or Chelsea Football Club.

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All these teams have given their sports independence to powerful billionaires who see in the sport a good diversification of their fortune. This situation also occurs in smaller teams and more regularly, because it is the way they aspire to better sports development in an increasingly competitive environment worldwide.

Within these cases is Leeds United, an English soccer team that has recently celebrated 99 years of existence, a traditional team. This team has enjoyed some power throughout its century of play. However, most of the time it has had a discreet performance. Even currently it is playing in the second division of English football.

In this context appeared Andrea Radrizzani, a great investor who at the beginning of 2017 bought 50% of the club's shares. Later, during that same summer, he took full control of Leeds United, according to the British sports media at the time.

An investor focused on sport

The figure of Radrizzani stands out in the middle, as he is a man who lives by and for the sport, not someone who has meddled in it as part of his hobbies. Apart from being the current owner of Leeds United, Radrizzani has been a central figure in different companies that focus on sports broadcasting rights around the world.

This is a business that has undoubtedly prospered over the years, as it is increasingly common to find broadcasts of more sports and various leagues in any country, at any time.

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The Italian investor was one of the founders of MP & Silva, a company that recently closed its doors after having sold most of its capital to Chinese investors. He is also the founder of the company Eleven Sports, which plays the same role of sports broadcasting in the United Kingdom. Aser is the name of the company in which Radrizzani has brought together its four main projects:

  • Eleven Sports, sports broadcast
  • The soccer club Leeds United
  • The sports equipment company easyprod
  • The Play for Change Foundation

The latter focuses on providing life opportunities to children in vulnerable countries through sports. As you can see, this Italian sports tycoon is a man who has made his fortune through sport itself, believing in it and using all the advantages offered by the modern sports industries.

Whether in soccer with Leeds United, where they highlight decisions such as bringing back the Leeds women's club or establishing a "culture of victory", or the possibility of taking the sport to different people around the world.


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