Happy Birthday Eros Ramazzotti

We celebrate the 55th anniversary of Eros Ramazzotti remembering these Italian artists who made their career singing in Spanish

Eros Ramazzotti turns 55!

The Italian artist has more than thirty years of career, in which he has sung successes in Italian and Spanish. During the decade of the 90s, the Latin American radios sounded the ballads of Eros Ramazzotti again and again. Even those sung in Italian came to be heard in Latin America. But he was not an isolated phenomenon. With the beginning of a curiosity towards another music besides the anglo one, in the 90s there was a boom of Italian music that we listened to in the New Continent. Thus, artists from countries like Italy began to write songs for the Hispanic public, and then end up becoming great representatives of Latin pop. In this way, these balladeers contributed to the Latin American genre but Latin America also contributed to their careers.

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Eros Ramazzotti

Born in Rome in 1963, Ramazzotti consolidated himself as an international artist in the 90s even though he had been making music for some time. This is due, in part, to having started singing in Spanish. During the 80s he had already made some albums especially in Italian, and by the 90s he made all his albums bilingual.

His nasal voice is, in part, his signature. Recognizable anywhere in the world, Eros Ramazzotti also sings in English. Perhaps the youngest will remember him for his beautiful soundtrack of the Disney movie Tarzan, in which he sings Hijo de hombre and En mi corazón vivirás.

Among her romantic ballads, perhaps the best known in Latin America is "La cosa más bella" ("Piú Bella Cosa" in Italian), which belongs to his album Donde hay música, the best selling of her career. It is dedicated to the Swiss model Michelle Hunziker, the singer's girlfriend at that time and with whom she had a daughter later.


Laura Pausini

She is also a great representative of Latin pop and the romantic ballad. This versatile singer sings not only in Spanish and Italian but also in English, Portuguese, German and even in less spoken languages such as Catalan, Neapolitan, and Latin. We have all sung Se fue, interpreted and written by her, or Entre tú y mil mares. Like Eros Ramazzotti, her success was also consolidated during the 1990s with the rise of Latin pop not only in Latin America but in the world. Today, Laura Pausini continues to produce music and is perhaps the best-known Italian singer around the globe. Her album Hazte reír is nominated for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album at the Latin Grammys.


Tiziano Ferro

More contemporary than Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti, Tiziano Ferro became famous in Latin America during the first 2000. However, it took much less time to sing in Spanish, as he took an example of those who had already done so. His debut album was Rosso Relativo, which made biligüe once and in Spanish it was called Rojo Relativo. Like the previous artists, Tiziano Ferro moves between pop and Latin pop. Although the romantic ballad in Latin America had already taken shape by the time he started making music, Ferro can be counted as one of his greatest representatives in Spanish and Latin America.


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Translated from "¡Eros Ramazzotti cumple 55 años!"

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