4 emerging artists that you need to know

These Mexican artists have interesting artworks with very powerful messages that you need to know

4 emerging artists that you need to know

Throughout Mexican history, art has been conceived as a form of expression that has characterized this country and for which it has been recognized worldwide. Design, painting, and sculpture are some of the styles that these artists handle, which arise in the artistic environment of present-day Mexico. Environment and extinct animals are some of the themes that have inspired them to develop their artwork.

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Adrián Rodríguez Torres

The wish of this young Mexican sculptor and painter is that more people get to know about the Sustainable Development Goals. From his point of view, the change occurs at the moment when thoughts and customs take a turn that achieves a better present and future.

These objectives are also a call to society so that, based on certain measures, poverty will end, the planet will be protected and peace and prosperity will be guaranteed to the inhabitants of the earth by 2030.


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Alejandro Olávarri Pons

He is a designer who writes about design and sometimes paints. He lives in Mexico City and is an assistant curator in an archive. In 2016, he obtained the title of Audiovisual Communicator at CENTRO, a higher education institution that is dedicated to making creativity a professional issue.

His artistic work is characterized by embodying an aesthetic narrative, in which you can find product design for restaurants, illustration, and photo shoots. Among its most important productions are the "Hombres Papas" (Potato Men). This is a mixed technique painting (oil and acrylic) that is characterized by associating the figurative with the abstract.



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Omar Rodríguez-Graham

He is an artist who lives, works and devotes himself only to painting in Mexico, his country of origin. He recognizes that he does not compromise himself with the standards of the academy, but with the painting. It fluctuates between abstraction and representation, where the most important thing is to put his language into evidence.

His work is carried out on the canvas without visual reference or any mental representation. This is why he recognizes the great importance of experimenting on the white cloth instantaneously and therefore is called a formalist.


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This is the pseudonym of graphic designer David Armas. Through techniques such as acrylic paint or spray, installations, linocut, and digital illustration, he creates fantastic creatures belonging to a completely new realm which come to life when they are observed by the viewer.

The theme that inspires his work are extinct or endangered animals, and the effects on wildlife due to catastrophes caused by human mistakes. His work is located in science fiction, but not for this personal details are excluded, as the segmented lines that imitate fabric seams with which he remembers his mother who worked as a dressmaker.


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