Cinema for Everyone: the app for people with visual and hearing disabilities

The app Cinema for Everyone, developed by Colombia's MinTIC, allows people with visual, hearing and/or cognitive disabilities to access audiovisual productions

Cinema for Everyone: the app for people with visual and hearing disabilities

In the framework of the digital meeting of the orange economy, Colombia 4.0, Sylvia Constain, Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, launched the mobile application Cinema for Everyone (Cine para Todos, in Spanish). According to a ministry statement, this app allows people with visual, hearing and cognitive disabilities to access for free to special subtitles, audio description, and interpretation in Colombian sign language to watch various movies from their mobile devices. 

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"From MinTIC we have a commitment to achieve a more inclusive future for all Colombians, precisely today we are launching this free download application on iOS or Android, which allows blind people to access the audio description, for people with low vision, access to special subtitles, and deaf people, access to the Colombian sign language," said Minister Constain.

Cinema for Everyone is the first inclusion project in Latin America, led by the TIC Appropriation Directorate (Dirección de Apropiación de las TIC), which makes cinema accessible through the use of technology. More than 84 thousand people with disabilities have been able to enjoy the seventh art during the functions offered on the last Saturdays of the month. With this, MinTIC aims to provide these people with a more exciting cinematic experience.

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Now, with the application, people will be able to enjoy for free the contents developed for 82 films of seven genres that have been presented in the Cinema for Everyone functions, from the living room of the house or in any other place.

The statement of the MinTIC indicates that, once downloaded the accessibility element of preference of the user, this will be synchronized in real time with the sound of the film. Jairo Clopatofsky, High Councilor for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities, recounted his experience in one of the Cinema for Everyone functions.

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"It was amazing, I had never had the opportunity to wear headphones and enjoy a movie through the description, I want to congratulate the TIC Ministry for the way it is doing an inclusive entertainment," he said. Then he added that there are currently 7 million people with disabilities in Colombia who are facilitating their lives through tools like this one.

This can be downloaded at no cost from the App Store or from Google Play, for iOS and Android devices, respectively.


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Translated from "Cine para Todos: la nueva app del MinTIC"

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