This is Michael Kors' new campaing to end world hunger

Find out here about the new initiative of the design firm that wants to help with the problem of hunger in the world

This is Michael Kors' new campaing to end world hunger

Karl Anderson Jr., also known as Michael Kors, has just released the second version of the Watch Hunger Stop campaign. The American design firm has partnered with the United Nations World Food Program to launch this new initiative.

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Whit this is intended to help in some way reduce the levels of hunger in the world with the design of a shirt. For the purchase of each garment, the brand will donate a specific amount of dinners for the aforementioned UN program.


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Who participates in this campaign?

Three are the main agents of this campaign that will donate 100 meals to children through the organization for each item purchased.

Michael Kors: the American brand created in 1981 by the aforementioned Michael Kors is the creator of the campaign. Lately, this brand has people talking because it bought the design house Versace in September of this year and awoke with this expectation about the future of the Italian firm.

From the firm will come the money for children's dinners, as well as the design and manufacture of the garments that can be purchased in its online store, as well as in its physical stores. Thus, this company will also be responsible for the distribution of the garments and advertising of the initiative.


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Eli Sudbrack: the Latin American quota in this campaign is set by this Brazilian multimedia artist based in Sao Paulo and New York. His alias is AVAF (assume vivid astro focus), a name by which he also calls his international artistic collective, of which several artists from different countries around the world are members.

This painter and multimedia artist was responsible for the design of the stamp on the shirts that Michael Kors will sell in his stores. It is a zero number (0) surrounded by colorful flowers, as it refers to the goal of the campaign: reduce to zero the people who are hungry around the globe.


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World Food Programme (WFP): It is a program within the United Nations (UN) that is responsible for the distribution of food to support projects in vulnerable communities.

According to the website of Michael Kors, the World Food Programme saves lives in a state of emergency, provides basic nutrition to children to help them exploit their potential and change the lives of millions through sustainable development.

Last year, according to Michael Kors, this program provided dinners to 18.3 million children in 60 countries. Food donations will be made through this program and it is this organization that is responsible for the distribution of donations.


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Where you can find them?

The shirts will be on sale on the Michael Kors website. Also, they will be on sale in its physical stores for the first time. Here you can find out more about it.


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