Did you know Amy Winehouse will return to the stage?

Her controversial father, Mitch Winehouse, announced that the artist who died in 2011 will holographically return to the stage in the fall of next year

Did you know Amy Winehouse will return to the stage?

In October of this year, it was announced that Amy Winehouse, a British artist, who died in July 2011, due to alcohol poisoning, would return to the stage in the fall of 2019, that is, in mid-September.

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Her father, Mitch Winehouse, reported in the annual gala of the Amy Winehouse Foundation that he signed an agreement with a company specializing in holograms to revive the staging of the singer in a tour that will last for 3 years. It is expected that each concert lasts between 75 and 110 minutes, although the countries that will be part of the tour are still unknown.

A hologram will "revive" Amy

The world of music suffered a great loss with the death of Amy, leaving a great void in her fans, who continue to request unpublished songs by her favorite artist. However, according to Mitch Winehouse in an interview with Reuters, there is nothing new about Amy in musical terms, so the now entrepreneur decided to start a project to recreate his daughter on stage through holograms.

For this reason, Mitch signed an agreement with BASE Hologram, a specialized company that has already holographically recreated concerts of deceased artists such as Roy Orbison and Maria Callas. "We experienced first-hand how those hologram shows celebrate great artists. This is a wonderful way to return the focus to their musical legacy, as well as raising funds for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. It is time to remind everyone that Amy was one of the greatest musicians and performers", Mitch said in an official statement from BASE Hologram.



How will the hologram be made?

Brian Becker, CEO of BASE Hologram, confirmed that the company will create Amy Winehouse's hologram based on the image and the scenic movements of an actress who will be hired. This first achieved image will be perfected from prostheses and computer generated images.

According to Reuters, Amy's final hologram will faithfully recreate her movements onstage, something that worries Mitch. Similarly, the hologram will be accompanied by a band that will play live, while playing original recordings of Amy's voice.

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"Seeing her act again is something special that cannot really be expressed in words. The music of our daughter impacted the lives of millions of people and this means that her legacy will continue in this innovative way", said Mitch in statements collected by El País.

According to Reuters, all the money raised by Amy's holographic tour will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was created by her father after the death of the artist to help young people suffering from substance abuse and other difficulties.

The controversy: there is still business after dying

Since Amy died in 2011, several products have been released to commemorate the talented British. However, after the documentary Amy of 2015 several critics emerged accusing her father, Mitch, of opportunism.

According to El País, the image of Amy's father turned negative when that documentary showed how his presence in the artist's life was increasing as her musical career progressed.

Thousands of people accuse Mitch of wanting to make money with Amy even after her death. This theory gained strength when, just a few days after announcing the holographic tour of the late artist, the British newspaper The Sun confirmed that a biographical film would be made about Amy, by producer Alison Owen.


Una publicación compartida por Mitch Winehouse (@mitchwinehouse) el


The Winehouse family signed with the Alison Monumental Pictures company for several million pounds to start shooting the film in 2019. "It really does not make sense to make the film because I'm his father. However, getting the right people to do it, that's very important, and that's what I'm going to do", Mitch said in an interview with The Sun.

However, this is not all that will be done with the image of Amy, because on November 2 of this year will be released a new documentary called 'Amy Winehouse, Back To Black', which will be available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Mitch is promoting the marketing that can be achieved with the talented and deceased Amy Winehouse, and although for many it will only be a business that will leave a huge amount of money, for thousands of fans it will be the opportunity to enjoy one of the best British artists in history.


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