Bribes and corruption? 3 cases in Latin American football

Mexico, Bolivia, and Colombia are examples of countries that have caused great commotion and repercussion, due to their corruption in soccer leagues

Bribes and corruption? 3 cases in Latin American football

Corruption, bribes and match arrangements are situations that have affected Latin American and world football in recent times. In different countries, there have been deplorable events in which managers, arbiters, among others, have been in the eye of the hurricane.

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Frauds and the detection of sports arrangements have been involved with bookmakers in which large sums of money are invested. In Latin America, there have been three cases in countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, and Colombia that have caused great commotion and repercussion.

Currently, the Aztec football is in the eye of the hurricane because of this situation, as revealed and disclosed the portal reporteindigo.com. The aforementioned media published a report carried out by the Revista Proceso, with data provided by the agency Sportradar expert in frauds.



Mexican soccer in serious problems?

The named investigation revealed that in Mexican soccer the number of sports betting has increased in the last contested championships. According to the figures shown, in the course of the 2017 Opening and Closing 2018 of the Mexican League, 12 million euros were bet.

It was announced that in the seasons of Mexican football, 4,247 million euros are played in betting through gambling companies. The interest of these betting houses in this football arises due to the international stars that play in Mexico and the night schedules.

For its part, Proceso.com.mx indicated that the Mexican government authorities have not shown interest in implementing preventive measures. There are billions of euros that move in every commitment of the Aztec League due to the series of bets that have been made.

According to sopitas.com, Fifa has not officially pronounced around this situation, but it is said that there are agents infiltrated in the League. At the same time, another series of measures have been implemented, such as the activation of a fraud detection program by each football federation.

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Bolivia a never ending problem

After its classification to the 1994 United States World Cup, Bolivian football has been involved in scandals that have damaged it. In his Twitter account, and in the registry of eldeber.com, Marcelo Claure, emphasized that corruption has done bad to Bolivia.

"If we do not attack the problems of our football like corruption and the lack of investment in minors, this will never change," said Claure. Over the years there have been a series of serious complaints in the high plateau football due to extortions to favor the teams.

The former leader of the Railroad Club of Bolivia, Rodrigo Osorio, unveiled a series of confessions to the newspaper El Deber in the Trade register. "They extorted money from me and when I refused to continue canceling, they made my team's life impossible until they left in the last places," said Osorio.

For his part, the former president of the Bolivian Federation, Marco Peredo, accused Pablo Salomón of manipulating arbitrations in the highland country. In record made by aztecadeportes.com, Peredo released a series of audios where arbitrators were heard rigging different matches.

When the press conference was held, the judges were summoned to give their statements but none of them presented themselves at that time. The former presidents of the Bolivian Federation, Carlos Chaves who has already died, and Rolando López, were arrested for mismanagement in the sports entity.

The bets came to Colombia

The former president of the Dimayor, Jorge Perdomo said that illegal betting houses in Asia and England tried to rig football matches in Colombia. In information provided by Semana.com, the manager argued that they offered some players sums of 20 and 30 million pesos.

For its part, a referee of the Colombian Professional League, denounced a series of offers to be part of an illegal gambling network. This fact was made known by the former president of the Arbitration Commission, Jorge Otálora in statements granted to El Tiempo.com. Otálora assured the media that at the moment when the judge told them about this situation, he contacted the National Police.

Facts presented

- Of the Mexican League there are four clubs that are in the betting programs: Xolos, Atlas, Morelia, and America, according to elimparcial.com

-On May 29, there was a referendum strike in Bolivia because Wilsterman's coach, Álvaro Peña, accused Gery Vargas of bribery and corruption, according to goal.com

-The soccer player of Quindío, Francisco Navas was suspended for two years for offering Felix Garcia del Pasto to be expelled, according to caracol.com.co.


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