5 beautiful songs about being a parent

In LatinAmerican Post we present you five English songs that every parent should listen to

5 beautiful songs about being a parent

Sometimes parents need lullabies too. This time we present you Anglo-Saxon songs with which you will feel identified and that talk about motherhood and fatherhood.

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Some are dedicated to children. In fact, these songs try to put into words the feelings of fathers and mothers for their sons and daughters. Others talk about the difficulties and responsibilities of being a father or a mother. In any case, they all address a theme that touches the hearts of many.

1. Isn't she lovely, Stevie Wonder

This song belongs to his album Songs in the Key of Life, in which he reflects on different topics of his personal life, including fatherhood. The song, in particular, celebrates the birth of his daughter Aisha, it also describes her and shows the changes that took place in his life with the arrival of her baby.

Wonder had many things to say about the experience of being a father. So many that he refused to edit or cut some verses of the song, which lasts six minutes. At the beginning of the song, a baby's cry can be heard and the sound of Wonder bathing her baby was also used in the mix of the song.

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2. Sweetest Devotion, Adele

The famous singer wrote this song in collaboration with the composer Paul Epworth, which address her experience as a mother since the birth of her son Angelo in 2012. This song is part of her album 25. Adele not only talks about the difficulties of being a mother, as she also reflects on the need to protect her child from the outside world and the consequences of having a famous mother.

With all this to say, the artist wrote this song for Angelo. "The song is all about my kid. The way I've described it is that something much bigger has happened in my life, I love that my life is now about someone else," the singer told USA Today.

3. Beautiful Boy (Darling boy), John Lennon

This very precious song is part of John Lennon's last album titled Double Fantasy, which came out before his death. It is written entirely and exclusively by him and is dedicated to his son with Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon. The song begins with that his kid has had a nightmare and Lennon must comfort him.

In this consolation, the song advances to an expression of affection in which the father tells him how his life has changed with his birth and then ends with Lennon giving him some advice and life lessons. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful songs written about fatherhood and about the father and son relationship.

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4. A Mother's Prayer, Celine Dion

This song is part of the eighth album recorded by the Canadian artist, Miracle. On the cover of the album, Celine Dion poses with a baby in a photo taken by the Australian photographer Anne Geddes, who helped in the creation of the album. The song is, as its title says, a prayer of a mother for her daughter.

In it, the singer tries to cover the whole experience of motherhood and speaks of "the prayer of every mother", that is, she try to identify with the rest of mothers who may be listening to her.

5. Glory, Jay-z

The American rapper is usually very autobiographical, and his experience as a father was no exception. "Glory" was launched on January 9, 2012, two days after Blue Ivy, his first daughter, was born. The song talks about several themes of fatherhood and suggests that the couple had a bitter experience of a natural abortion prior to the birth of their first child.

But he also talks about the happiness that meant for the rapper to be a father. It is not only dedicated to his daughter, but also to his wife, Beyoncé. Like Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z used samples of her daughter's crying and heartbeat.

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