Usher Will Be The Artist In Charge Of The Halftime Show At The 2024 Super Bowl

This was confirmed this Sunday by the NFL in its press release. This is all we know about it .


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Yesterday, Sunday, the NFL made it official in its press release who would be the artist in charge of the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show: it is Usher. The Texan is one of the most important R&B artists in the genre and in the United States.

Being in charge of the halftime show is, perhaps, the pinnacle of the career for American artists. It is, nothing more and nothing less, the televised show with the most viewers in the United States.

And while the NFL final is a sporting event, the Super Bowl goes far beyond football. The halftime show has become an international entertainment event, greatly expanding the Super Bowl audience. The Latin public, for example, who does not consume or follow the NFL, is always attentive to the halftime show, since it is the first mega entertainment event of the year.

This, then, raises the curtain on awards season and fashion weeks, which usually occur during North America's spring.

Usher and the halftime show

It is not surprising, then, that the Super Bowl halftime show is an important opportunity for any American artist. This is the case of Usher, who has a concert series in Las Vegas, "Usher – My Way The Residency." There, the singer takes a tour of his musical career, which began in 1994, almost thirty years ago, with his first album, "Usher."

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Thus, it is expected that the R&B singer will take advantage of this opportunity, as others have done, to review his greatest hits.

Usher had previously made an appearance during a Super Bowl halftime show. In 2011, Usher performed the song "OMG" with the Black Eyed Peas on stage at the Super Bowl. However, this will be Usher's first time as the halftime star.

This event not only requires the preparation of the artist who will lead it but also has the work of many others behind it: the event producer, the dancers, the costume and set designers, the logistics, and much more. So one of the most important music events of the year requires a lot of talent and work to put on a fourteen-minute show.

This year's halftime show starred Rihanna. This show, more minimalist than others from other years, broke transmission records. There, the singer returned to the stage for the first time in several years to announce her second pregnancy.

So Usher will go on February 11, 2024 on a stage where great world-class artists have been before. The singer is expected to put on a show with his personal touch and pay tribute to R&B.

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