Are you pregnant and want to exercise? This routine is for you

With this simple routine, you will stay healthy and you can relieve pain and discomfort

Are you pregnant and want to exercise? This routine is for you

Exercising during pregnancy is possible, in fact, is necessary to keep you physically active and also brings benefits for you and your baby. For example, it will make labor easier, lower back pain, keep you in shape and prevent you from increasing more than the weight you should gain.

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With this simple routine, which you should do every day, you will see these benefits and you will create an even stronger bond with your baby.

Remember to consult with your doctor before starting it, so that you will not have contraindications.

1. Cardio: You can perform cardio 20 minutes a day before starting your routine. This will help you improve circulation and you will avoid those uncomfortable swellings.

2. Frog position: Sit cross-legged and straighten up. Then uncross the legs and put the opposite soles of the foot. Lower your knees slowly as much as you can while you breathe deeply and stretching the spine. Make 6 repetitions.

3. Squats: Then you should perform 15 squats, rest, and do it again. Go slowly and keep your legs apart and strong. When you go down, try to tighten the abdomen, breathe, and wait a few seconds to go back up. This exercise will help you prepare for the birth process.

4. Legs’ lifting: Lie on your back and raise one leg fully stretched, hold it up for a few seconds and then begin to lower as you go around with your leg until you reach the floor again; then, do the same with the other leg.

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5. Cat posture (Marjaryasana): Put yourself in four, try that your knees are aligned with your pelvis and that your shoulders are with the palms of your hand on the floor. Keep the column long and straight; make the head an extension of it. Then arch your back up as far as you can, stay there and inhale. Then start to arch your back down and exhale as you get to the position. Do this 20 times.

Doing this routine every day, during your pregnancy, you will notice that you are more physically active and your posture will improve a lot.


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