The 5 most absurd political proposals of the world

In order to attract the attention of possible voters, some politicians resort to absurd proposals to convince them. Find out their controversial proposals

The 5 most absurd political proposals

The occurrences of some politicians in Mexico

The logic in elections is that proposals not only provide a solution to a problem that affects their people but that has real possibilities of being fulfilled.

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1. Thus, as indicated by El Universal, during the campaign for the elections in Mexico, where the local republic, senators, deputies and president of the republic were voted by, the independent candidate of San Nicolás de los Garza for the Chamber of Deputies, Valentina Trevino Hinojosa, told her constituents that if she were to come to Congress, she would do everything possible to reduce the price of beer.

2. Ricardo Gallardo Juárez, who ran for the PRD to the mayor of San Luis Potosí, proposed that he offer 60,000 funeral services with the pit included if elected. "We are going to process in the next triennium 60,000 funeral services including graves for low-income families, because my government will continue to be sensitive to this type of needs", were the statements given to Mexican media, which includes Infobae.

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The politician in question has been elected on two previous occasions in Potosí, but, according to the aforementioned media, "in less than a decade the family of Gallardo went from managing a debt-ridden poultry company to having a real estate empire with a surface that goes beyond million square meters and whose value exceeds 100 million pesos".

Absurd proposals in Colombia

3. In 2016, when the problem of the overpopulation of pigeons in Bogotá was debated in the Council of Bogota, Councilman Pedro Santiesteban made the following proposal to all those present: "The meat of these pigeons would serve to mitigate the hunger of many residents of the city. For example, the same people of the Bronx". Before the controversy unleashed by his words, he clarified that one should not hunt pigeons but go to the nests and steal their eggs, in order to control the overpopulation.

In the rest of the world

4. In Nigeria, one of the poorest countries in the world, the proposals of some public officials seem closer to fiction than to reality. For example, according to El Tiempo, the minister of science and technology, Ogbonnaya Onu, proposed to the Nigerians in 2016 to become by 2018 the number one country to be a producer of pencils, assuming all the costs of operation and production.

The initiative was rejected, because there is no technology or budget. The fear is that the same happens as with oil: that the profits remain in other hands and not be invested in the benefit of the Nigerians.

5. Another absurd proposal was made by Jello Biafra, former leader of the punk band Dead Kenedy, who in his campaign for mayor of San Francisco, California, in 1979, proposed legalizing corruption and additionally obliging a law to bankers and merchants to dress up as clowns.


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