Brexit: the United Kingdom divorces the European Union

With the decision taken last Sunday, the situation of the Brexit becomes more real

Brexit: the United Kingdom divorces the European Union

After two years of the approval of Brexit, accepted in a vote realized in the United Kingdom and which obtained the 52% of favorability, the past 25 of November the 27 remaining countries agreed the exit of the country. At a European Council, the 27 top representatives approved the document that was drafted on November 14.

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In this text, which has 585 pages, things were explained about how now the United Kingdom will be "a single customs territory" and that, in addition, "the exit invoice of more than 40,000 million euros and the rights of citizens as of 2019", as El Mundo affirms.

After 45 years of participation in the European Union, the United Kingdom is retiring and it is expected that between 2019 and 2020 its exit will be fulfilled. Despite this, the British prime minister says she does not feel sad. She also stated that "in reality, as I see it, it is our time to move forward (...) we have achieved a 'good agreement' with many benefits for the people."

On the other hand, the Spanish government presented one of the main obstacles when voting and ratifying the Brexit. All for the British award of Gibraltar in 1713. Spain was the last country to accept exit from the United Kingdom, stating that it would support it on the condition that it guarantee the word of Madrid on the territory of Gibraltar, as reported by El País.

Sanchez said that "with the Brexit we all lose, especially the United Kingdom, but in relation to Gibraltar, Spain wins." This after agreeing a triple guarantee, in which it is included that any future negotiation on that territory will have to have the Spanish approval.

However, Theresa May has ratified the Gibralteños that their Government will continue on their side and that they feel proud of their sovereignty in this territory. She also confirmed that the Retirement Agreement will also cover them, since she speaks on behalf of "the whole United Kingdom", as reported by the newspaper La Razón.

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The step to follow

After the European countries voted and ratified by the exit of the United Kingdom, the step to follow is that the decision be submitted to the "significant vote" by the members of the House of Commons and the Parliament. With this scenario, there are two possible options. To win the yes, at the beginning of 2019 the project to formalize the departure before the European Union is presented. If no wins, the government will have 21 days to propose a new plan.

May's challenge will be, then, to convince the opponents of Brexit. As the BBC affirms, "May does not have a majority in the so-called House of Commons and deputies of his own party - and those of the opposition - have been skeptical or hostile about his Brexit plans."

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