5 benefits of choosing a career in web development and data science

The decision to choose a career in web development and data science comes with its own set of unique benefits. Here are some

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5 benefits of choosing a career in web development and data science

There is no discounting the impact that data science and web development have had on modern businesses. As more and more companies realize the importance of big data and user-friendly web development, there has flourished a demand for professionals who can glean meaningful information and make informed decisions.

Leer en español: 5 beneficios de elegir una carrera en desarrollo web y ciencia de datos

According to PWC, the number of job opportunities in data science and web development has been on a steady rise, and it is estimated that by 2020, the number of job postings in these fields will increase to 2.7 million in the US alone. As a result, many IT professionals are investing their time and resources in data science courses for gaining formal training and expertise. The decision to choose a career in web development and data science comes with its own set of unique benefits:

Most demanded professions

Since just about every industry employs web development and big data analytics, there is a soaring demand for professionals in this field. According to Edureka, approximately 75% of IoT (Internet of Things) service providers consider big data and web development the most trending skillset, and 68% of them are still struggling to find trained professionals with relevant experience.

As the analytical and web development market evolves, at-least one-third of the global IT market would be centered around applications of data science. Organizations are always on the look-out for leveraging their data and improving engagement through an online presence. As a result, the trend for implementing big data and web development has taken preference over other IT processes and has taken the spotlight in almost every other business.

Probes you to think out-of-the-box

While web developers and data scientists are responsible for creating efficient products that last, they also get the opportunity of making use of their creative instincts to solve the problem at hand. The professionals who work in this field are not only tech-savvy, but they are also trained to think out of the box. When it comes to web development, there is always a demand for unique designs and add-ons that can give a particular website more competitive advantage over others.

Similarly, there is no standard solution to handling specific organizational problems. There is no textbook method of creating an attractive website or the best way to wring out actionable insights from organizational data. Even if there were, the extent of competition to be better would render those methods redundant. Web developers and data scientists are trained to approach every problem as new, and then creatively find solutions that last. 

Scope for growth

The best part about a career in data science and web development is that it is always evolving, and there is no stopping at what you can learn in your job. Every technological innovation and trend is a product of months of research and development. So, there is a role for everyone in the big data grapevine. There are data scientists, data engineers, web developers, web designers, data architects; and this is just the beginning.

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As innovations become more sophisticated, more roles that deal with particular niches have come forward. Data science is a technology that is still growing, and it will affect and drive impact on all other technologies, especially modern web development. Professionals in these fields will not have to worry about stagnation as there would always be something new to look out for.

Opportunities in multiple industries

Another benefit of choosing a career in data science and web development that the scope of your work is not limited to a particular sector, and can be expanded across multiple domains. As industries realize the importance of collecting data to cut losses and stay relevant, data scientists and web developers get an opening of working across sectors like IT, Business, Finance, Civil, Pharmaceuticals, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, Hospitality, Management, and Education.

Some well-known brands like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, Dell, SAP, EMC, and Software AG have invested funds worth of $15 billion in software firms that specialize outsourcing in web development and data management, according to DATAVERSITY. The growing diversity in industrial applications not only gives professionals varying levels of exposure, but it also gives them an opportunity to work in industries that interest them the most.

Key decision-making power

Web developers and data scientists are valuable assets to any organization as it allows them to make educated business decisions and have the edge over competitors. Further, since their work demands both experience and expertise, they are also the primary project owners and decision makers.

Not everyone can drive actionable insights or deliver a great website; hence, data scientists and web developers are hired exclusively for the job. As more companies depend on web development and data specialists, the professionals that are hired get to make decisions from top to bottom layers and thus get to work on the project on their terms.

If you ask a child what they wish to be, they’re most likely to come up with professions like YouTubing, game development, animation, and graphic designing. Technology is now no longer related to just writing long lines of codes, but it has also now given way to responsibilities that require a creative and an analytical bent of mind. As a result, job roles like web developer and data scientist are apt for those who look for getting more out of the work that they do.

These job roles not only spur one to think differently but also awards them flexibility in the timelines and the nature of work. Technological innovations work well only with the expertise of professionals who know how to manipulate technology. Hence, irrespective of the advances in the field of artificial intelligence, the need for human insights on driving best solutions will always be in demand.  

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