These are the European soccer teams with the most expensive tickets

The Premier League holds the most expensive average tickets, but which team and stadium charge more per season? Find out here

These are the European soccer teams with the most expensive tickets

The attraction of attending a major league match in Europe has meant that the prices to attend it have raised considerably. Now, some season tickets around the world exceed $ 1,000 dollars, causing many fans to miss the opportunity to support their team live.

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The Premier League holds the most expensive tickets among the five biggest leagues in Europe. According to a Stadium Guide study, the cheapest ticket available for a Premier League match is around $ 37.50 dollars. The English first division is followed by the Spanish, where the cheapest ticket is around $ 34 dollars.

Among the five major leagues of the old continent, the French Ligue 1 is the most affordable, as the cheapest ticket to attend a game in this league cost around $ 16 dollars.

The study of Stadium Guide also reveals an interesting fact: the Premier League is the league where there is less price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive tickets, which cost only 41% more. This data is a reflection of the quality of English stadiums, where the game can be seen well from any location.

Finally, this study shows that although the Premier League has the most expensive average tickets, La Liga of Spain turns out to be the most expensive in proportion to the average salary of the fan it seeks to attend a match of this league. Therefore, the average Spaniard must sacrifice 2.16% of his salary to attend 20 games of his favorite team.

The Arsenal, the most expensive club to support

Perhaps unexpectedly, the Arsenal of London holds the most expensive tickets of any European team. The cheapest season ticket available for Emirates Stadium costs an impressive $ 1,138 dollars, according to figures from this year's "BBC Price of Football" study. In addition to the most expensive ticket, Arsenal also has the average cost per highest ticket in the world: $ 94 dollars.

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6 of the 10 teams with the highest average cost per ticket are English: Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, and West Ham complete the Premier League quota among the top 10 places.

Something that it's perhaps not surprising, is that, excluding the English teams, the most expensive ticket turns out to be that of Real Madrid. An entrance to the Bernabéu, on average, costs the fan $ 71.50 dollars, according to the English portal Express.


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Thousands of empty seats at the Emirates Stadium

Despite the high costs of season tickets for Arsenal matches at the Emirates Stadium in London, the attendance at this stadium continues to be very much desired, and the tickets are often scarce.

This season, the London club sold 44,000 season tickets, with 14,000 of them being in premium locations. However, an association of Arsenal fans called Arsenal Supporters' Trust is asking that many of the fans who bought the season ticket be revoked the privilege of entering.

They argue that many fans are buying season tickets but are only attending the more high-profile matches, leaving tens of thousands of empty seats in other games and denying other fans the possibility of taking their seats.

According to the English media The Telegraph, this is a problem that afflicts many of the big clubs in England, where the wealthiest of the subscribers have no problem in not attending most of the meetings, and where the clubs do not offer alternatives to put these unused tickets available to other fans.


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