Boca-River: These are the embarrassing moments that marked this failed match

What happened last Sunday exposed the lack of values of a part of the Latin American society 

Boca-River: These are the embarrassing moments that marked this failed match

Last weekend, the whole world witnessed an embarrassing show that has never seen before.  In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a soccer party was planned with the final of the Copa Libertadores between Boca and River, rivals of the discipline. Unfortunately, this ended up being the exposure of the lack of values of a part of society, which lives motivated by the fact of constantly walking hand in hand with illegality.

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Perhaps some, when reading these lines, will think that the whole problem is based on what happened that day when the bus in which the Boca players were going to the Monumental stadium of Núñez was attacked by River fans. But the truth is that reality is very different. Here you can find a small list of unusual details perceived, which show that part of Argentine and Latin American society enjoys going against the values and the appropriate behaviors.

1. Flares of terror

The first event that shook the world in the framework of the "super final" was that of an image that went viral in social networks. This showed a woman wrapping flares in the abdomen of her daughter to enter the Monumental stadium, a fact that took the woman to jail. At first this seemed the most sensible thing on the part of the authorities. However, as the Diario Ole points out, this mother's sentence for her terrible act was no more than 48 hours of community work.

2. A fight between doctors

Another particular event in the framework of the classic of the final of the Libertadores Cup was the one faced by the doctors of the Conmebol and Boca. Although it is natural to think that on a pathology the specialists in the matter should agree, this was not the case.

While the doctors of the Conmebol said that the soccer players were well and that they could go out to the field, the ones of Boca disagreed arguing physical and psychological injuries. According to BolaVip, for Jorge Batista, doctor of Boca, what happens in this case, is that although the "doctors of the Conmebol went to the locker room and verified everything, then, for sure economic interests, they lied and exposed that the boys could go out to play".

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3. The mockery of schedules

It is clear that soccer is a business and that money must be earned. However, the schedule change was embarrassing from every point of view. As noted by Marca, the match had up to six schedule changes, beginning at 5:00 in the afternoon on Saturday (local time), passed at 6:00, 6:30: 7:30, 7:45 and finally for Sunday.

Here the most unusual thing is that the matched was not played on Sunday, an evident improvisation. Also, although for the time being Conmebol informed that the final will be played on December 9 and outside of the Argentine territory, it would not surprise, as it happened, that the decision will be changed again.

4. Tévez and the icing on the cake

While all these moments of insanity are chronologically marked, a fact that was given as a "prequel", but that is no less important than the others and also gives us the possibility to understand this reality, is the one that has to do with a Boca fan and Carlos Tevez in the training the day before the match. Images went viral around the world to admire the fervor of the fans of Boca, who gathered 49 thousand fans in their stadium and who behaved admirably and professed their love from the stands.

All but one, a misfit who as America TV says managed to cross the security cordon and jumped to the lawn to approach Tévez, who after greeting him and defending him from the law, gave him his sweatshirt. What does this mean? That the Boca player, rewarding the character for inappropriate behavior, not only demonstrates his erroneous behavior, but also shows that he is an active part of that failed society.

A moral

In the end, while today many journalists and fans think that the issue is a bus with broken glass and the fault of all the problems lies in River, which is guilty for not ensuring safety, the issue goes beyond that. It is imperative to understand that violence is rooted in the veins of the Argentine and Latin American fans.

So, instead of attacking an institution, claiming more security for a match, we should demand more values, because it is a sport. And the fans, sooner or later you have to understand that soccer is not about life or death, soccer is about joy, color, recreation, and beyond a court and colors, good behavior must prevail.

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