G20: Do you know how many people escort the leaders?

From security schemes, to how many people escort the leaders, we present some G20 data

G20: Do you know how many people escort the leaders?

Less than 100 people accompany the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. 130 surround the president of France, Emmanuel Macron. Similar numbers have the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mike Rutte and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May.

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On the contrary, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is escorted by about 200 people, while the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohamed Bin Salman, is surrounded by more than 400 people. The latter makes his first international meeting, after being blamed by the US CIA agency, for the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, at the Turkish consulate.

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But the president who has more people in his environment is Donald Trump of the United States, who arrived in Argentina with 45 aircraft, different cars and the new "beast" that transports him.

Putin meanwhile will have a smaller number that may surround the 500, but for security issues of both leaders, the precise data is not available in any medium, since many may be infiltrated in the public. All of the above is reported by media such as Sputnik News, Clarín de Argentina and the digital newspaper Cronista.

The security of some leaders

Vladimir Putin has a level of security that ranges from a The Russian leader, an overseer who examinates what they have and how they prepare the food they will eat, to snipers among their security forces. The reasons are many, for example, after Russia ordered the taking of Ukrainian sailors and boats without returning them yet, increased tension with its neighbor Ukraine. So much so, that Donald Trump canceled his face-to-face meeting with Putin via Twitter.


Donald Trump, as it was predictable, will be protected by airplanes, weapons, armored cars and the new "beast", which has protection against nuclear attacks, chemical weapons and all kinds of direct communication with EE. UU This is reported by Sputnik News. See the car by clicking here. In addition, according to La Nación de Argentina, there will be several Trump doubles circulating in the streets of that country.

As for the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, according to Clarín, "asked for security, a private room for him in the Costa Salguero property, where the G20 summit will take place." Likewise, he demanded extreme security due to the anti-China protests. The foregoing taking IGNORE INTO account what happened in 2014, when the attacks by the Falun Gong group against the security of Xi, who was visiting Argentina, were presented.


Maduro, a delicate issue that Macri wants to propose in the G20

As host of the G20, Mauricio Macri will do everything possible to call the union of all countries to condemn the violation of human rights of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. Although there are other issues on the agenda and Maduro will not be one of the main ones, Macri has in mind to exert more international pressure against Maduro, from the G20.

However, as Infobae reported exclusively, "two Foreign Ministry officials working on the final document of the G20 summit emphatically rejected the fact that the Venezuelan theme will be mentioned in the text of the presidents."

The reasons seem logical because the two closest friends of Maduro and who have backed him economically and militarily are in the G20. It is about China and Russia, represented by Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. The words that Macri says about Venezuela, could not only damage the G20 but the relations of Russia and China with Argentina.


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