AMLO Presidential Possession: This is the Mexico that is leaving and the Mexico that arrives

After two failed attempts, Andrés Manuel López Obrador manages to be the protagonist of a historic event: becoming the first leftist president of Mexico

AMLO Presidential Possession: This is the Mexico that is leaving and the Mexico that arrives

At the "protest taking" possession ceremony, Obrador's speech focused on his "Fourth Transformation" plan, which consists of executing ambitious infrastructure plans and social programs. The Mayan train is perhaps one of the most sounded, because, beyond being an important infrastructure work for the entire Mayan Riviera, seeks to strengthen tourism, the economy and increase jobs in the towns where the train will pass.

"I protest to keep and keep the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and the laws that emanate from it, and to play loyally and patriotically the office of President of the Republic that the people have conferred on me," were the words of AMLO after receiving the presidential band of its now predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto.

Apart from thanking Peña Nieto for not interfering in the last elections, he said that corruption will be punished structurally, that means, from him as president to the official with the least responsibility. However, it will not prosecute politicians who already have investigations against corruption, but from their government there will be a tough hand.

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"We are going to lower the salaries of those at the top because we are going to raise the salaries of those at the bottom," said Obrador, referring to one of the political actions with which he will begin his term, as reported by international media such as El País de España.

The Mexico that Obrador receives

Obrador receives a country plagued by corruption and drug trafficking. For example, according to El Comercio de Ecuador, former president Enrique Peña Nieto was denounced by the lawyer of the drug trafficker "El Chapo Guzmán", in the criminal trial that is being carried out in New York, of having received millionaire bribes to allow the operation of drug trafficking in Mexico, even officials mixed with drug trafficking.

Amnesty International data indicate that in the current situation in Mexico, violence has increased throughout the country. For example, it states that in this 2018 "threats, harassment, assaults and killings against journalists and human rights defenders continued." It reveals that in January 2018 "it was learned that a network of people used the Internet to harass and threaten journalists and human rights defenders throughout Mexico.

In June of the same year, there were indications of surveillance activities against journalists and human rights defenders for whom - it was known - software purchased by the government had been used. The Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists did not provide any strategy to respond to cyber-attacks and the illegal surveillance of persons who had been granted protective measures. "

Obrador will have as main challenge to reform justice, education, management of the economy, create policies to face the migration wave of Central American and Caribbean countries that seek to reach Mexico or just pass to reach the US in search of a better life quality.

The Mexico that arrives

Put an end to corruption, fight it within your government, return free public education, increase jobs, create international alliances in search of improving the economy, reduce drug trafficking and mistreatment against women, legalize marijuana as a form of combating the illegal traffic of the same and thus acquiring resources -as Canada and Uruguay do- to invest in their social projects, are some of the things that in their presidential campaign, and in the last months they heard him say.

Although many fear that Obrador will go to govern in the style of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, his austere administration and respecting the budget show that Obrador will not fall into the trap of spending more than he has. In fact, it already canceled the work of the New International Airport of Mexico City (NAICM), which had a cost of more than 13,000 million dollars. He did so base on the result of a popular election plebiscite that called for the cancellation of the multimillion-dollar project, emphasizes Europa Press.


LatinAmerican Post | Edwin Gustavo Guerrero Nova

Translated from "Posesión presidencial de AMLO: Este es el México que se va y el México que llega"

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