Did they fake their death? These celebrities would be alive

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It is rumored that the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel is alive and would have faked his death. We tell you all about it and we present other similar cases

Alive or dead? It is believed that these deceased celebrities are still alive

It is not the first time that these conspiracy theories about celebrities are released. It is, in fact, a very common theory that celebrities pretend to die. Why do they do it? Some say that to not deal more with fame or to retire a time from the public light. The 1992 film Death Becomes Her shows a comic side of these theories by showing that great celebrities have faked their death to keep secret that they have taken an elixir of eternal youth. In any case, there are crazy and less crazy, but there are. These are some examples.

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Juan Gabriel

The Mexican entertainment journalist Martha Figueroa is the one who has spread this rumor that Juan Gabriel, declared deceased by heart failure on August 28, 2016, is still alive and faked his death. Figueroa read in the program Con permiso some text messages that supposedly the so-called divo de Juarez has been sending to her.  She also brought out a photo of someone who is suspected of being Juan Gabriel in an apartment. In the photo, however, the one who would be the singer is on his back and it could be suspected that he is only because of his position. According to the journalist, the Mexican singer is alive and resides in a house in Morelos.

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Elvis Presley

According to the Vix portal, this is perhaps the celebrity that most people claim to have seen after his death. This may be a symptom, however, of the denial in which the world was after the death of this rock and roll idol. Elvis Presley was found dead on the floor of his bathroom on August 16, 1977. The cause of death was an acute myocardial infarction. The king of rock and roll, however, was suffering at the time from glaucoma, high blood pressure, and liver failure. The autopsy was, then, a subject much debated after his death. The doctors changed their minds and declared later that the multimedia of the singer and actor had to do with his death and could even be what caused it. Since the medical statements were not accurate, the public began to suspect whether Elvis was really dead. These doubts increased when the father of the singer affirmed that the corpse of the casket did not seem his son.

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Tupac Shakur

Maybe one of the most premature and regrettable deaths of his time and music. Tupac was shot and wounded on September 7, 1996, and died a few days later, on September 13, after having survived various procedures and the doctors' efforts to revive him. His case is one of the most famous unsolved cases. Among the theories about his murder is that his rival, rapper Notorious B.I.G., who would be killed in the following year, had to do with his death. But there is also the theory that Tupac did not really die. The irresolvable of his case is a proof that the believers of this theory use to argue it. Also in many of his posthumous discs, there are biblical references that equate him with Jesus Christ and that announce "his resurrection".

A different case: Paul McCartney is really alive?

The last case on our list is an opposite case because there are theories that the Beatle is dead and he has pretended to be alive since 1966. This legend is born in this year because it was when Paul McCartney had a car accident in who, according to those who believe in this theory, would have lost his life. The other three Beatles, then, decided to replace him with a double with the fear that the death of one of the members meant the death of the band. Those who believe in the supposed death of McCartney argue that the Beatles give some signals on the covers of their albums. One of them is that Paul is the only barefoot on the cover of Abbey Road; other than the cover of the album Sdt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band represents a funeral for the bass player.


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