Unicorns and humans did live together

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A study from Nature reveals that this creature coexisted with humans 39,000 years ago

Unicorns and humans did live together

As you read it, humans and unicorns coexisted 39,000 years ago in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. But do not give yourself any illusions, we are not talking about that white and winged horse of fantastic stories.

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The study published by the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, reveals that a giant rhinoceros, also known as 'Siberian unicorn', lived among Neanderthals and modern humans.

The appearance of this rhinoceros resembles that of a fantasy unicorn, because at the top of its head it would have had a horn very similar to that of the creatures of fairy tales. According to the researchers, the rhino horn could measure up to one meter long.

The Siberian unicorn became extinct because of the environmental changes that eventually affected its diet. Scientists emphasize that this case study exemplifies the limited resistance that rhinoceroses have to adapt to new climatic conditions, which makes them more vulnerable to disappear.

The Elasmotherium sibiricum, scientific name of this creature, could not adapt to the changes suffered by the herbs and plants it consumed. So in the end, the Siberian unicorn ended up extinct.

Beyond fantasy

This discovery not only shows that in fact "unicorns" and humans did live together, but that rhinoceroses are susceptible animals to disappear due to climate change and the consequences that this brings to their way of life.

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Last March of this year, the media reported that white rhinoceroses were functionally extinct after the death of the last male in Kenya. According to the BBC, one of the methods to avoid total extinction is to develop an in vitro fertilization technique so that the females can breed.

Other rhinoceros species such as Sumatra and Black have less than 100 specimens worldwide, so their situation is extremely critical and could reach the same point as white rhinos.

The loss of species demonstrates the grave moment that the planet is going through, since pollution, climate change, etc., increasingly threaten the habitat of a large number of animals and with them their capacity for survival.


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