Buenos Aires: The exhibition on Democracy that you can not miss

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There are 39 Argentine artists who exhibit their works around a theme that belongs to all of us

Buenos Aires: The exhibition on Democracy that you can not miss

Until next December 9 at the Kirchner Cultural Center in Buenos Aires you can visit the collective and multidisciplinary exhibition "Democracia en obra", which occupies two floors of the old post office building and presents pieces by Latin American, foreign artists and more than seventy works made by 39 Argentine artists. The exhibition addresses democracy with its values and foundations, it is a look at the democracy that has been lived in Argentina and in the world. This is an important invitation to reflect on the present, the promotion of new ways of thinking and looking to the future.

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The exhibition takes place within the framework of the commemoration of the thirty-five years since Raúl Alfonsín assumed the presidency of that country at that time, these will be fulfilled on December 10, in the exhibition the panorama of history is evident and culture in the thirties and the five years in which democracy was interrupted in the South American country. The exhibition is accompanied by talks, debates, conferences that will be carried out by expert intellectuals in disciplines related to the topics in each of the axes of the exhibition.

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The exhibition is divided IGNORE INTO ten rooms on the second floor and is composed of the following themes: Territory, State, Diversity, Community, Government, Citizenship, Freedom, Ethics, Power, Future, Equity, Justice, Conflict, Consensus, Rights Human, Truth, Freedom of expression and Sovereignty. The works exhibited there invite reflection on the multiple repercussions of democracy in the social sphere and even in everyday life.

From the artistic categories that can be appreciated are specific site installations, interventions, performances, video art, paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Argentine artists who exhibit their works are Franco Basualdo, Amaya Bouquet, Karina Granieri, Group Etcetera, Carlos Herrera, Alicia Herrero, among others. Foreign artists are exhibiting works by Pierre Ardouvin (France), Yael Bartana (Israel), Emilio Chapela (Mexico), Regina José Galindo (Guatemala), Antoni Muntadas (Spain), Oliver Ressler (Austria), Pablo Uribe (Uruguay), among others.

Gabriela Urtiaga was the curator of the exhibition and is also the curator of the Visual Arts of the Kirchner Cultural Center. Her extraordinary selection included young creators, key figures and great recognition, highlighting this one due to its diversity of support and the artistic disciplines that are exhibited therein. The exhibition has free admission and is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


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