How do these 3 presidents end the year?

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Macri increased his popularity but his negative image is high. Meanwhile, Iván Duque is the most unpopular leader in Colombia. What about other presidents?

How do these 3 presidents end the year?

Mauricio Macri increased his popularity but his negative image is still high. Meanwhile, Iván Duque is in Colombia the most unpopular leader of the last two decades. What about other presidents? Let's see:

This is how President Macri ends 2018

President Mauricio Macri ends this year with some difficulties in Argentina. First, there is an economic crisis, which according to the DW of Germany has already devalued the Argentine peso against the dollar at 8.62%. In addition, the country has budget problems for higher education, which is why it already has the pressure of all students, teacher unions and university workers. Also, this year closes with a halt to the countryside imposing more taxes on its export.

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One thing that helped raising Macri’s popularity, after falling gradually in November, was hosting the G20 summit. According to the polling firm Ricardo Rouvier & Asociados, after the G20, the positive image of Macri increased 47%, while the negative is higher with 57%. For now, Macri ends 2018 with political, economic and social affairs that need to be accomplished. 2019, will be the year where Argentinians choose a new president.

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Iván Duque: the most unpopular of Colombia

There are three important reasons for its low popularity. First, he has not been able to reach an agreement with the students, who already have been protesting seven times, and those who request more economic investment for public education institutions, which are in critical condition. Second, the Law on Financing or Tax Reform to which a 19%  tax was already approved for those people who have a contract to provide services, according to El Tiempo.

The third is the problem of the Attorney General of the Nation, who was involved in the biggest corruption scandal in Latin America: Odebrecht. Faced with this, President Ivan Duque has not yet taken a decisive decision or in favor of the image of justice. For these reasons, Ivan Duque closes 2018 as the most unpopular president in the last 20 years for the international news network CNN.

His popularity dropped from 53% to 27% as reported by the polling firm Invamer. Recently another important signature of surveys like Datexco, revealed that its image lowered to 23% in the young population and in the adult one. Duque ends 2018 without any reform to health or justice.

Evo Morales: ready to stay in power in 2019

Morales also end the year with a negative image of 66%. The reasons, goes from the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague (and in which it was denied any argument to Evo Morales for a negotiated exit with Chile to recover 400 kilometers from the Pacific), until his more than 12 years in the power. Added to this, Morales persists with the idea of remaining in power winning the presidential elections of 2019. This, without a doubt, will affect him in the face of the presidential elections next year, in which the other candidates begin to fight to gain notoriety. This is revealed by the IPSOS polling company.

Other presidents, such as Sebastián Piñera (Chile), Tabaré Vásquez (Uruguay) and Lenin Moreno (Ecuador) close the year, according to the aforementioned pollster, as those with the best popularity in their countries. They all surpass figures of 58%. Of course, Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua) and Nicolás Maduro (Venezuela) end this year with the worst negative image with 90%.


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