All you need to know about 2018 Art Basel Miami Beach

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More than 200 galleries from all over the world will participate in the tenth edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. Find out here more about it

All you need to know about 2018 Art Basel Miami Beach

The tenth edition of the Art Basel Miami Beach will take place on December 9 at the traditional Miami Beach Convention Center. 293 galleries from all over the world will participate with artworks of approximately 4,000 artists from the five continents. Also, this edition will highlight two special projects of Latin American artists.

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The first project is an installation that was carried out this year by the Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas, entitled "Autorrecconstruction: To insist, to insist, to insist ...". The second project was made by Tomás Saraceno, an Argentine artist, architect, and performer who explores utopian urban architectures.


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The installation of Cruzvillegas is linked to his vital project "Autoconstrucción", a social sculpture in which he recreates with an infinite number of variants. It combines sculpture, performance, dance and music. In addition, it is a sculptural set made from materials that are located outside the place where it is presented and enriched by the performance of dancers and musicians.

The artist grew up in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Mexico City. According to him, his parents founded their world by "getting a grip" of what they were able to achieve or find. Thanks to this, his artwork is characterized by those improvised and chaotic constructions that are created from precarious resources and that remain unfinished. This type of construction, contrary to the waste that is evident in opulence, tend to be adaptable and creative.


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For his part, Tomás Saraceno creates architectural models. Thus, its art proposes innovative infrastructures that give a new definition to the international mobility law, the cancellation of the extraction developed by the human being and the freedom to move between countries. Also, the artist is inspired by the theory of Giovanni Francia, who in the 70s anticipated global warming and is a pioneer in solar energy.

One of his sculptures is formed by mirrors that float with the heat of the sun, recalling those discoveries that allowed him to produce electrical energy in Genoa. Saraceno affirms that it is an interdisciplinary artistic attempt to achieve the development of new models of sensitivity and thus reactivate the common imaginary.


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2018 Art Basel Miami Beach will feature the most prominent or established galleries of the participating countries. Spain and Mexico will participate with nine galleries and will be the Spanish speaking countries with the greatest presence at the festival.

From Brazil will travel fourteen galleries, Argentina will have five stands, one of them Revolver Gallery that has venues in Buenos Aires and in Lima, Peru. Colombia will be present with only one: Vision Institute, as well as Cuba that will have a shared subsidiary of the Galleria Continua, of Italian origin.


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