These are Meghan Markle’s best pregnancy looks

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A few months ago the dukes of Sussex announced that they were expecting a child. These are our favorite looks from Meghan Markle

See the best pregnancy looks from Meghan Markle

Maternal fashion can be difficult, because pregnancy means the body changes and the clothes must also change. Now, when it comes to a member of the royal family is even more complicated, because the dressing standards in royalty are very demanding. So Meghan Markle has had to maintain a comfortable yet elegant look, following the standards of royalty. Here we bring you our favorite outfits of the Duchess.

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The pregnancy does not free the Duchess from the amount of commitments she must fulfill and the appearances she must make in different contexts on behalf of the royal family. At the end of October, for example, she met with participants from local programs working to educate women on construction work in the house of the High Commissioner of Fiji. One way to adapt to the new body shape is to use loose clothing, as seen with the dresses she is now wearing, while still being up to par. For this particular meeting, she wore a pink ankle dress from the Figue brand with details of colors and pompoms. She accompanied it with black shoes with a wicker platform.


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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, on November 11, national royal events were held throughout the day. At night, the service for the centenary of the armistice took place in the Abbey of Westminster and the dukes of Sussex accompanied the queen. Markle wore a set, also baggy, of skirt and a shirt with belt. For this event she had to wear a dark suit since it was a commemorative and serious event, that is why the dress is nautical blue and that the duke wears a hat.

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But not everything is seriousness in the royal family. It is also allowed to wear some casual looks depending on the occasion. This is an example. Meghan Markle and her husband Harry visited the Redwoods forest in Rotorua. For this occasion, in which they had to walk among the trees and cross hanging bridges, the Duchess wore black flat shoes. Dark jeans from Mother Denim maternity clothing brand, a nautical blue sweater and a Norrona jacket that she borrowed from her husband's closet. That's right, even Meghan Markle exchanges clothes with her husband to be more comfortable.


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On the last day of their tour of New Zealand, the Dukes made an appearance to say goodbye to the country. For that occasion the Duchess of Sussex wore a midi blue navy dress again (apparently this is the color that the Duchess has chosen for her maternal looks) from the house Stella McCartney and shoes with very little heel. The duchess looks more and more proudly at her small pregnancy belly. The cloak that can be seen on his shoulders and those of the duke, is made with feathers and was a gift from the natives the day of his farewell.

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This is perhaps the most risky of her looks since the announcement of her pregnancy. He wore it at the beginning of his tour of New Zealand, when his pregnancy had just come to light. The Duchess, at the beginning, wore a black dress of the ASOS brand covered by a Karen Walker checkered trench coat. At this time I still wore high heels. In short, Meghan Markle shows how you can be comfortable without losing elegance and formality.


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