In these jobs, women have better pays than men

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Although men traditionally earn up to 15% more than women, some jobs, especially modeling, are better paid in women

Know the jobs that are better paid for women than men

In most professions, there are wage differences between men and women. On average, men typically earn up to 15% more than women, according to the Personal Finance portal. Here are some of the few professions in which women have higher salaries than men.

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According to the msn portal, human resources women professionals earn around 2% more than men in this job. This is because women make up 90% of this work area.

Similarly, on the field of kinesiology, the study of body movement, women earn 5% more than their male colleagues.

The same percentage favors women on the field of chemical engineering. Although there are more men than women in this field, they earn on average 60,480 USD a year, while women earn 63,770 USD.

On social work field, where 82% of workers are women, they earn up to 7% more than men, generating 0.08 USD for every dollar men earn. Despite this, this is a low-paying job for both genders.

According to Forbes, on the field of advertising, made up of 60% of women, they earn approximately 8% more than men. However, the same media warns, these statistics only apply to white women. On this field, both men and women of color often suffer from wage discrimination earning 80 cents less for every dollar earned by their white counterparts.

The women wholesale and retail buyers, who are responsible for selecting and buying the goods and services required by companies, earn around 10% more than the men who hold the same position. However, interestingly, the American Bureau of Labor Statistics warns that this benefit for women disappears when it comes to the purchase of agricultural goods.

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A different gap in the arts

According to the US Census Bureau, women who dedicate themselves to music earn approximately 11% more than male musicians. However, this difference does not occur in the same jobs, but it is due, says the Census Bureau, that the majority of women with musical training are engaged in audio engineering, a better-paid field than jobs in sales advice. Likewise, women with musical training perform more masters studies than men, thus increasing their salary possibilities.

On the other hand, media producers and movie directors gain approximately 6% more than their male counterparts. However, only 32% of the employees in this industry are women. According to the msn portal, "Hollywood has a long history of assigning men to the roles of big-budget movies," and, in fact, Patty Jenkins became the first woman in 2017 to direct a major movie of superheroes with the premiere of "Wonder Woman".

Finally, the work with the highest percentage salary benefit for women is modeling. On this field, women earn 149% more than their male counterparts, according to PayScale. For example, the model Gisele Bundchen has managed to earn up to 42 million USD in one year, while, according to Forbes magazine, if the top 10 male models add their salaries, they earn 8 million USD.


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