Guide to get the best toys for your baby

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Do you want to buy a toy for your baby but you don't know which one is the most appropriate? We give you some recommendations to buy the best

Guide to get the best toys for your baby

Seeing a child's face when he opens a gift is amazing and much more when it comes to that toy he waited for so long. However, when we talk about safe toys there are several things that we have to take IGNORE INTO account.

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From the Biobiochile website, they offer us a series of tips to keep in mind before purchasing any toy.

Things you should keep in mind for your baby's gift

There are several factors that you must know thoroughly before buying any toy for a child up to 2 years.

As a first step, look for shops and well-known brands. It is well known that most young children take toys to their mouths. So, what would happen if the toy had toxic elements or pieces that are too small and easily detached? It would be very dangerous! Therefore, it is best to buy toys that have the approval of serious companies, because all these details are considered during the manufacturing process.

Pay attention to its resistance and take IGNORE INTO account the packaging. Yes, we know... children at first prefer to play with what gifts are wrapped. That is why it is important that you keep in mind that there are no small hooks, wraps or loose parts that the child can ingest.

Also, if the toy breaks easily or contains pieces that are too small, it is not recommended.

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Find a suitable toy for the child's age

The website of Planet Mom gives us some ideas of what toy is appropriate according to the age of each child.

Up to 3 months of age, it is recommended that they have colorful mobile or rattles, and you can also buy a mirror, one of those that do not break, in your crib. In that same age, and up to about 7 months, they prefer soft balls with sounds, books made with vinyl or thick cardboard, toy instruments, games for the bathtub or a didactic gym with which they can exercise their little legs and their little arms.

From 8 months and until reaching their first year, it is time to give him didactic toys such as cubes and forms to stack. Also, as he starts to mobilize on his own, a good idea is to give toys that help them move. At this stage, they love talking on the phone! A cellphone toy or a phone that makes different sounds can also be a very good idea.

When they complete the year and, until they reach 24 months, simple puzzles, toys that mimic everyday situations such as a kitchen, a vacuum cleaner or anything you use on a day-to-day basis are ideal. They also adore stuffed animals and musical instruments.

Choosing the perfect toy for your baby does not have to be a very complicated task. If you follow these tips, rest assured that your child will have the best childhood. Make sure they are things that stimulate him and that allow he to achieve more and more objectives.


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Translated from "Guía para conseguir los mejores juguetes para tu bebé"

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