At 41, Tom Brady is still news in the NFL

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Within days of the regular round, the veteran quarterback of the New England Patriots has already secured two new records in his successful resume.

At 41, Tom Brady is still news in the NFL

Another brand that is knocked down by Tom Brady. It is true that the regular season 2018 has not been the best and that the New England Patriots do not look so strong for the title, but even so, the legendary quarterback has managed to do something he does every season: breaking records. The most recent was to become the player with the most yards by air between regular calendar and playoffs, leaving behind a historic like Peyton Manning.

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Latin American Post pays tribute to this extraordinary player by remembering his most recent three records chronologically.

In Week 12 of the 17-18 season, and against the Buffalo Bills, the New England Patriots won 23-3, to add what was then their eighth consecutive victory. Brady completed 21 of 30 passes for 258 yards and one interception, and with that, he became the QB that won the most against the same opponent in the NFL. The quarterback thus won his 27th win over the Bills, leaving behind the mark he shared with Brett Favre, who beat the Detroit Lions 26 times.

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More aerial yards

The rival on this occasion was the New York Jets. At the start of the game, Brady had a total of 79,133 aerial yards, by the end of the day he had the 79,416 aerial yards thrown in his career, with at least two more seasons in the NFL. ESPN Deportes added that in the 27-13 victory over the Jets, Brady completed 20 of his 31 attempts for 283 yards and two touchdowns.

The same media reminded that it was not Brady's first record this season, because in October he had become the first quarterback in history to reach 200 victories, in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Not everything ends there. Brady also reached that date the 300 games as a starter in his career (includes postseason) a brand that now shares the second historic with Brett Favre, 326 to be exact. Today he is the third passer to throw more than 500 touchdown passes. Before Brady, Favre himself (508) and Manning (539), had reached 500 touchdown passes. This season he joined the club Drew Brees (517), the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, ESPN referenced.

How was the achievement against Chiefs?

Brady faced with the 18-19 revelation quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, in a clear generational battle, said Tribuna.com. In the end, the veteran won, leading his Patriots to a 43-40 victory over the previously undefeated Kansas City Chiefs after six games played.

Tom threw that day for 340 yards and a touchdown and in addition, he did not suffer any interception and led the victory, largely with the input of first-year running back Sony Michel, who carried the ball for 106 yards. Mahomes, in turn, finished with 352 yards, four TDs, and two interceptions, but it was not enough to recover from a bad start, according to Tribuna.

The King of the Post-season

Marca.com points to another facet of Brady's career and that of its brands, but in the important stages of the playoffs and in the Super Bowl. It can be said that he is the field marshal with more classic moments. In the regular season, he still has or can break several Peyton Manning brands and now has Drew Brees as his main rival. But another category that already dominates in the regular and that we had not mentioned, is that of the quarterback with more titles of Division champion: 15 in total.

He is the player with more postseason starts (36) and more victories (27). He is also the quarterback with the most touchdowns (68), passing yards (9,721) and completions (892). He has the record for games with more than 300 yards (13), and is also a historic leader with Steve Young and Daryle Lamonica with more touchdowns in a game (6). As if that were not enough, he has accumulated 8 victories in 12 appearances in the Conference Finals, both being record numbers of the NFL.



Marca goes on to say that the best percentage of completions in the history of the NFL playoffs, which so far is 92.9%, is also held by Brady, after winning it in 2008, "he is the player with the most Super Bowl appearances ( 8 playing Sunday), with more victories (5 titles), Super Bowl MVPs (4), pass touchdowns (15). Only Charles Haley, mythical defensive, has as many rings as Brady. "

In regards to the list of quarterbacks with more trophies Vincent Lombardi, Brady is seconded by Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, who accumulate four each. Many are still fresh in his memory the performance of Tom in the Super Bowl 2017 against the Atlanta Falcons in which he led a historic comeback from 3-28 triumphant 34-28.

But it is almost impossible to have all the individual records. For example, one category in which Brady will hardly reign is in one of the games as a starter, in which Favre is the undisputed king with 298 starts after 20 seasons in the NFL. The MVP record is also far away, now in Manning's possession. The former Colts has five, while Tom has three with whom he already won in 2017.


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