HBO, Netflix and more: what’s coming in 2019?

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We show you 10 releases that come in 2019 on the main channels and streaming platforms

HBO, Netflix and more: what's coming in 2019?

Maybe you're waiting for more of your favorite series to devour in a few hours through the streaming platforms or the television channels that the world offers us. We have explored platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, FX, and others, to inform you what is coming in 2019.

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1. The story of the dark Sabrina continues

If you were left wanting more darkness, in April comes the second part of Sabrina's The Hidden World. This time, his platinum hair, the magic academy, his aunts and esoteric feminism, continue with many more satanic plots and intrigues that will not leave anyone indifferent.

2. Will the fall of Gilead come?

It is not known for sure when the third season of The Tale of the Maid will be broadcast, but according to the Digital Spy site, it is expected to be released in 2019. The intriguing hook of the last season has all the fans of the season in suspense. series, who hope to know why their main character, June, chose not to escape the dystopian Gilead. Will the revolution begin?


Una publicación compartida de The Handmaid's Tale (@handmaidsonhulu) el


3. What will happen to Annalize?

The first part of the fifth season of How to Get Away with Murder left its fans waiting for his continuation, which will be ready to premiere in the last week of January. Concealment of murders, dramas, laws and more will be ordered by those who are usually left with their mouths open for their unexpected twists and turns.


4. Women in a sorority, mothers in dispute

After its award-winning first season, HBO's Big Little Lies, comes 2019 with more stories of the women of Monterrey and their lives related to being mothers. The introduction of a new character played by the great Meryl Streep is by far what most fans expect, a series that will certainly leave us with our mouths open once their new episodes are broadcast.

5. What happened to Berlin?

In a new video announcing the next season of Money Heist, this character, who died in the second season, is seen. Will we clear up the doubts about the presumed death of Berlin? We will have to wait and continue with the resistance. Tranquility that is coming.


6. Aliens and conspiracies in a small town

The adorable children of the beloved Stranger Things move away from the night of witches and return at the beginning of the year. A teaser recently revealed by Netflix hints at the titles of the eight episodes that will make up the third season. We expect more monsters, 80's music, powers and occurrences of the beloved characters of this series.


In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues…

Una publicación compartida de Stranger Things (@strangerthingstv) el


7. The end is here, and so does winter

The most fervent fans of the Game of Thrones series are looking forward to the final season. In this, the battles against the ice army and its white walkers will be crucial to know the destinies of 'Poniente' and who will finally sit on the throne for which they have fought for seven seasons. Will it be the end? Or the beginning of a new era?

8. A very sad ending

Twelve seasons make up the Warner Bros. series The Big Bang Theory and its finale is expected in May of the following year. Although its creator assured Deadline not yet to have filmed the final episode, he points out that this will be very sad and nostalgic, because of course, there are already twelve years of this cult sitcom among the fans of laughter.

9. Penny Dreadful returns

The story of Penny Dreadful ended with a hasty third season, but fans have hailed the resurrection of the series. For what Showtime has announced a spin-off of the same that will take place in Los Angeles during 1938, times of catrinas and Mexican folklore. What monsters or ghosts will face in 2019? Will we love the series without the stunning Vanessa Ives?

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10. Glamor, dance and inclusion

The new season of Pose, the series with the record of the biggest casting with trans people, could be released in 2019. Created by the genius Ryan Murphy, we hope for this innovative series that breaks the paradigms of exclusion and normality and includes characters of the LGBT community in front of FX prime time.


Una publicación compartida de Pose FX (@poseonfx) el

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