The musical special for your pet in these holidays

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As in 2017, NatGeo will broadcast its musical program for pets "Happy Holidays pets", with the aim of reducing the stress caused by fireworks

The musical special for your pet in these holidays

The new years eve parties are usually quite stressful for our pets. The noise of the street and fireworks often cause them discomfort, because their ears are much more sensitive than ours.

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This is why, just like last year, National Geographic decided to present the musical special "Happy holidays pets" on December 31 ten minutes before midnight. This special one of classical music according to what El Espectator published, lasts one hour and looks for to diminish the impact that the gunpowder has in the behavior of the mascots.

"Our campaign aims to offer all families in Latin America an option for their pets to cope with the holidays, following the advice of experts who say that classical music helps calm the animals," said the year. past Alex Mendes, Head of Creative Services for National Geographic Latin America.

Nothing changes this 2018: owners must tune the channel, increase the volume and create a quiet and safe space for the pet, closing windows, doors and removing any object that could hurt it.

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"In National Geographic we are passionate about animals and we believe it is important to take care of them, so in 2017 we decided to start with this campaign advised by experts who say that classical music helps to relax animals. Through social networks, in which the fans shared the reaction of their pets, we could see that it really works. We hope this year will help us generate more awareness about the negative effects that pyrotechnics have on animals, "said Santiago De Cárolis, SVP of Marketing and Strategic Content of National Geographic Partners Latin America.

It is known that the special will have an hour of classical music accompanied by exciting images of the planet earth and wonders of the wild world as the depth of the oceans and other enigmatic earthly sites.

Consciousness in minors, an important step

According to the newspaper El Colombiano, with the aim of raising awareness, teaching them the importance of protecting pets and avoiding the use of pyrotechnic games, the National Geographic platform for the little ones, Nat Geo Kids, will generate their own content with entertaining and didactic messages.

LatinAmerican Post | Luisa Fernanda Báez Toro

Translated from "El especial musical para tu peludo en estas festividades"

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