Jose Mourinho is fired again! We tell you the details

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The Portuguese coach went out the back door of Manchester United and without achieving the goals that were drawn

Jose Mourinho is fired again! We tell you the details

The departure of José Mourinho from Manchester United could not have been worse. He had problems with several players, such as Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez, his team did not perform on the court in recent games and he constantly had problems with the press. Against this background the continuity of Portuguese in the 'Red Devils' was untenable.

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On December 18 the departure of Mou was confirmed after being two and a half years in front of the United. He leaves without having won a Premier League or Champions League, which were his main goals. He will have to settle with a Europa League, a Community Shield and a Football Capital One.

At the time of knowing the departure of Mourinho, Pogba posted a message on his social networks that showed how stressful the relationship between them and the general staff was. In it, there is a picture where the Frenchman is smiling and he accompanies it with the message "Caption this". It is not clear what he wanted to suggest, but he ended up erasing it minutes later and also caused the club to impose a fine, Mundo Deportivo reports.

Pogba's message against his former coach later erased him!

Mourinho, the misunderstood

Undoubtedly, the personality and character of Mourinho have changed since he left Chelsea for the second time in 2015. There began the debacle for a technician who was losing respect between his players and the world of football because he ended up talking more about his bad temper, that of his results on the court.

In an article written by EFE, and replicated by El Espectador, the Portuguese is described as an "unstable" man and that "leaves him in the worst position of recent times and apparently without a clear destination" after his dismissal from Manchester United. Before his second stage in the blues, he resigned or ended the bond by mutual agreement with the club, but now the common denominator is "dismissal".

A technician linked to controversy

The article also emphasizes the failures that Mourinho has accumulated in his career or the turbulent departures he has had from the teams he leads. The article remembers the departure of Real Madrid after failing to unseat Barcelona's Guardiola, the dismissal of Chelsea, which he left in the 16th position, and the recent departure of Manchester United, where he had come with great expectations. The author of the column asks himself, "after his first two consecutive dismissals, who will welcome José Mourinho now?"

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On the other hand, the Ovación Digital portal describes him as "a bad boy" and a character who has been losing respect because of his strong character. "José Mourinho has become an ultra polemic character capable of generating more repulsion than fanatical adhesion," says the article.

And continuing with his crude description of the Portuguese, he affirms: "That's true, people detest the rude Mourinho, who with his arrogance is wearing whatever. It is as if he were governed by his own law. As if he were a supreme authority that put the framework of what is right and what is wrong."

Consequently, Mourinho has always been characterized as a man of conflict and a temperament difficult to carry. Before, it was not given importance because he won everything, but now, suffering a new failure seems to become an important factor so that his processes do not reach a good term with the clubs that he directs.

Back to Real Madrid?

Despite the aforementioned, Mourinho's career does not seem to have an upcoming end. In the last hours, a version has circulated that places him again in Real Madrid. The portal Trome, citing Mundo Deportivo, reports that Florentino Pérez, president of the white club, wants the return of the Portuguese and will negotiate with him directly, without the intervention of Jorge Mendes, who was the coach's agent.

"The director believes that the figure of Mourinho represents authority, the same as they need in the internal," explains the article to give another reason for the return of the Luso to the White House, where he won a League and a Copa del Rey.


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