5 reasons to do Pilates during pregnancy

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Several experts recommend practicing, in a careful and controlled manner, the Pilates method during pregnancy, as it has benefits for the mother's body

5 reasons to do Pilates during pregnancy

Although pregnancy is one of the times when women should be more careful, this does not mean total stillness. In fact, according to the newspaper Hola, exercise during this stage improves the functioning of the heart and circulation, helps to avoid excessive weight gain, and reduces stress.

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This is why several experts recommend practicing, in a careful and controlled manner, the Pilates method, since it has great impact benefits for the mother's body.

1. Pilates improves breathing and strengthens the pelvic floor

During the Pilates sessions, the duration of breathing and the redirection of the air to different areas of the body are worked, knowledge that is quite useful at the time of birth. This will help the mother to cotrol her breathing during child birth.

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2. Strengthening the pelvic floor

Before, during, and after pregnancy the effects of Pilates on the pelvic floor musculature will be noted, especially during the third stage of labor.  In addition, a pelvic floor will be very useful to mothers in the recovery phase.

3. Pilates improves posture

With this training, body posture and alignment is improved, something essential to correct the pelvic tilt effort that occurs as the belly grows and which results in lumbar pain or postural problems.

4. It favors the good mental health of the mother

According to the newspaper Los Tiempos, Pilates favors emotional ups and downs, reducing fatigue, improving the mood, and helping in the emotional connection between the baby and the mother.

5. Pilates improves circulation

With the constant practice of Pilates for pregnant women, mothers favor the correct blood circulation, preventing the appearance of quite common discomforts, such as cramps, cellulitis and varicose veins.

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However, despite all these benefits, it is important that you consult your gynecologist before starting to practice pilates, as it may not be ideal for your body. If your gynecologist gives you the okay, the second trimester is the right time to start your Pilates sessions, because it is less risky than the first three months.


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