4 different plans to do in New Year's Eve

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We bring you some plans if you still do not know what to do this December 31st

4 different plans to do in New Year's Eve

We are all always looking for what to do the last night of the year, which always promises to be very good, but it can go very wrong if we do not put together a plan that is worth remembering. That's why we bring you some alternatives to celebrate the New Year with your friends and your family. Go ahead and try them.

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1. Going to a party


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This is perhaps the most obvious entry on our list because it is what we usually do in the New Year. Most of the clubs in the cities offer different events and parties to receive the new year.

The good thing about this option is that you can go with all your friends or even alone and meet new people at the party. The bad? They are usually expensive and very popular. However, it can be a good way to start the year and a different plan if you do not feel like staying in the house. It also helps you going out to see a new place in your city.


2. Being the host of your own party


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If you do not want to leave the house or spend a lot of money, but still celebrate it in a big way, this is the option for you. You can host your own party and invite your friends and family, and all have a good time.

All together can make dinner, snacks and think about activities to receive the year. The good thing about this option is that you will also have someone to hug at midnight and you can wish the best for next year to everyone you know.

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3. Fulfill one of your purposes

Many of us make lists of purposes for next year, but how many of them do we fulfill? Do we wait for the end of next year to think about them again? We invite you to start and fulfill them, so you can spend December 31st making a new list.



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If one of your purposes is to travel more during 2019, what do you expect to make it happen? You can take advantage of your holidays at the end of the year and receive 2019 in a new place, getting oy of your comfort zone. This will help you renew energy for the new year.


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Surely another of your purposes is to do newer things, things that you have not done before. December 31st can be the perfect excuse to start that. Encourage yourself to receive the year with an activity that you have not done before but that you have always wanted, tell that person that you love her, or practice that sport that catches your attention.



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Normally we all always propose to be better people in the following year. So, you can finish 2018 by donating some of your time to the needy. These dates can be difficult for many and having your support on December 31st can be a very valuable help. Most foundations in the cities and in the countryside always have New Year's activities and events and always need volunteers.

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4. Activities and superstitions

In all families and countries, there are many traditions that obey superstitions and can be very funny. You better do some because, its better safe than sorry!


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Many say it is good luck to wear yellow underwear on December 31st to have good luck in the coming year. You can give everyone with whom you are going to celebrate yellow underwear to wish them the best in 2019.



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Don’t forget to eat 12 grapes with the 12 strokes that announce 12 o'clock at night while you ask for 12 wishes: one for each month of the year. This can be quite difficult while you embrace everyone around you, but it is also a way of proposing new things to you for the coming year.



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Finally, if your desire is to travel and meet new places next year, do not forget to take your bags and go around the street with them so that your wish becomes true after having given the happy year to everyone around you. Go ahead and celebrate this new year as it should be!


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