Formula E is the new challenge of Felipe Massa

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The Brazilian driver aims high in a new category, in which he will live a different experience in motorsport

Formula E is the new challenge of Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa lives another experience in speed, this time he will seek to be a figure in Formula E, the electric single-seater competition organized by the International Automobile Federation. The Brazilian already had his first race where he arrived in the 14th place in the Al-Diriyah street circuit in Saudi Arabia on board of his team, Venturi Team car.

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At the time, the Brazilian showed his satisfaction for driving again, and reviewed it on his website. "I am very happy to be back," said the pilot. 

The experienced 37-year-old midfielder said that entering this new experience generates innumerable sensations. "It's the category that has grown the most compared to others. I'm excited to be able to run here. It's a new experience for my career," announced the runner.

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To the defense of Formula E

According to the sports newspaper of Spain, Marca, the Brazilian driver himself has come out in defense of the new motorsport Formula that is going to its fifth season. The pilot has in great concept the competition. "What makes Formula E interesting is that many riders can win the race and the championship, not just a few, it's much tighter than F1," he acknowledged.

He also provided some details of the vehicle. Massa said that the car is completely different. "I have a lot to learn, but I like the new challenges. I hope to learn quickly to have fun and be competitive," said the Spanish sports newspaper Marca on its website.

The rivals

The portal shows the main rivals of Massa in the FE. The great rival to beat will be Jean-Eric Vergne ( DS Techeetah), champion of Formula E in 2018.

The pilots also stand out in the competition; Nelson Piquet Jr (Panasonic Jaguar Racing) and Sebastien Buemi (Nissan e.dams). Two pilots who, curiously, were Fernando Alonso's teammates in F1.

Technical considerations

Explains the AS of Spain that the novelty of these cars in this season is that they can produce more power and can complete an entire ePrix. The maximum power of the Gen2 is 250 kW, being able to reach a maximum speed of 280 km / h.

Another change is the change in the format of the races. The laps will no longer determine the duration of the race. The Formula E has set a duration of 45 minutes plus one lap for the 22 riders. There will be time races.

"For some years now, I have become clear about my interest in this innovative and progressive discipline that is developing exponentially", said Massa at the portal.

In addition, the former Ferrari driver said: "I especially like the format of the race meetings, the circuits of the city center and the contact with the fans" he commented to the web portal.

His passage through F1

The Brazilian had an interesting step for the maximum competition of motorsport. In his 15 seasons in the F1 he played 242 great prizes, achieving 11 victories -all with Ferrari-, 41 podiums, 16 poles -15 with the rossos and 15 fast laps.

In 2006 he came to the Ferrari where he played his best moments in F1, being the year 2008 the brightest when he came second in the championship.

However, it had a bitter end in that same year, as it reached the appointment of the Brazilian GP with the possibility of proclaiming himself world champion, but the fate was cruel, since in the last Interlagos curve Lewis Hamilton overtook the Toyota of Timo Glock to finish in 5th place and snatch the title to Massa for a single point.

In an interview granted by Massa to AS of Spain, a question arose about whether he misses F1, to which he replied: "No, only the competition, but there is more than F1. I still see the races and I like to know what is happening, but I do not miss it."

Tragic accident

In 2009 a very serious accident took him out of the race. The mishap was at the Hungarian GP. One piece hit his helmet and crashed at 200 km / h against the protections, his recovery was quick and effective which allowed him to return to the stage.

He finished his contract with Ferrari in 2013, for the following season he played the championship with Williams, where he was until 2014. His best positions were 6th and 7th respectively in the F1 championship.


Felipe Massa must be measured in 13 competitions, in the same number of countries. The season starts in Saudi Arabia, then will extend to Morocco, Chile, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Italy, France, Monaco, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. The championship began on December 15 and will last until July 14, 2019.


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