We did not see it coming! 6 amazing plot twists of our favorite series

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We bring you the list of some plot twists that took place in our favorite series this year and that left us frozen

We did not see it coming! 6 amazing plot twists of our favorite series

Many series changed their narrative this year. Many of our favorites revealed secrets we did not know and gave us new information about their characters.

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Some of them left us open-mouthed with the plot twist. That's why we bring you the most impressive moments of television in 2018. The plot twists here, were already broadcast on television or in the streaming service and they all took place this year, so technically they are not spoilers. However, beware! If you have not seen any of these series this year, here we have sensitive information.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

This series that is renewed each season with a new horror story is already in its eighth season. This year, premiered in September, is set in a dystopian future in the middle of a nuclear winter, that is, in the apocalypse. Because of this, a company recruits young people to survive and repopulate the land based on their genetic makeup.

The biggest representative of this company is Michael Langdon and his henchman Mrs. Mead. Between the second and third chapter of the season, we find out that Ms. Mead is a robot, which surprised all the fans of this series. This triggers changes in the story and changes the look we have on this character.

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The Walking Dead

Well, it is not the first time that this series surprises us. All the fans of the zombies will know that this series brings us a big turn practically in all the chapters. However, here we bring you the one that is probably the greatest of all.

The ninth season premiered in October this year, the series airs since 2010. Already by then the actor Andrew Lincoln had announced that he would leave the role of Rick Grimes, the hero of this series and who has survived countless zombie attacks.

Fans were aware of that, and we saw it on the screen when he was seriously wounded but then, he is saved by a mysterious helicopter. After this uncertain end for the character, he stopped coming out in the following events in the series. However, here the narrative turn occurs off the screen: Rick has survived! And not only that: this series will become movies. That's right, Lincoln confirmed this year that he will play Rick Grimes for the first of three films that will be made as a spinoff of The Walking Dead.

Jessica Jones

The second season of this series between Netflix and Marvel was available on the streaming platform in March of this year. In this second season, we learn that the mother of the super-heroine is alive, after having considered her dead the entire first season.

The role of Alisa Jones, the name of the mother, is played by Janet McTeer. This appearance of this new character shakes Jessica Jones’ world and adds more drama to this series that explores precisely the ups and downs of family relationships. In the second season, in addition, clues were given on how this series will join the Marvel films in their plot.


Jane the Virgin

This is an American soap opera. Jane, who is a virgin, becomes pregnant without having sex due to accidental artificial insemination. Then she falls in love with Michael, with whom she marries in the second season of this series. After sharing a few months of a happy life together, Michael dies in an unexpected dramatic turn in the middle of the third season.

In October of this year, the fourth season premiered, in which in the final episode we found out that Michael is alive! after a few years have passed since his supposed death. Everything in Jane's life, then, has changed and her husband's new presence will change her life completely again.


The Haunting of Hill House

This original Netflix horror series premiered this year. It has only one season of 10 episodes. However, this single season gave space and time for terrifying things to happen, but also surprising ones.

These are brothers who must return to a house they lived in during their childhood to relive terrifying moments that everyone is trying to forget. The series then reviews the past (when they were victims of the haunted house) and the present (when they must return to it).

The brothers are persecuted by a woman with a broken neck who frightens them in the house. Then it is revealed that it is nothing more and nothing less than Nell, the youngest of the sisters, and who was the most affected by the house. Apparently, he never recovered from what he lived in this house.

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The Handmaid's Tale

In April of this year, the second season of this chilling series was released on a dystopian world that revolves around June, a maid forced to work as a sex slave.

In this second season, June can escape from Gilead, the republic in which she lives, but ... she decides not to do it! Her decision left us open-mouthed, after seeing all that she has suffered for being a servant in this futuristic, sexist and enslaving society.

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