Democrats start the presidential race

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The competition for the candidacy for the Democratic party has already started with several politicians who aspire to take the command of the country

Democrats start the presidential race

With the arrival of the new year, the race to be a presidential candidate begins. Although there are 13 months to go before the elections to be held in November 2020, several Democratic politicians announced that they would be pre-candidates and began their campaign, as Elizabeth Warren did. Warren announced the visit to four cities in the crucial state of Iowa, as reported by Business Insider.

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In fact, Warren was the first to announce his candidacy in the last days of 2018. However, it is expected that several politicians will run for the office of the official candidate for the Democratic Party. Those who postulate will not only have to compete against them but with great figures like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Although no official participation has been confirmed, those who apply will have to keep in mind that the popularity of these two women may overshadow their participation.

In addition to Warren, several names of senators, former vice presidents, deputies, former mayors, among others, complete the list. Among them is the senator, who declares himself independent, Bernie Sanders. Sanders was presented against Hillary Clinton in 2016 and to the surprise of many, affected the results. Despite his age, he is a veteran in the US Congress, so he has knowledge about how things work.

On the other hand, there is the former vice president of the government of Barack Obama, Joe Biden. If he were to be chosen, it would be the third time that Biden would present himself as an official candidate, since in both 1988 and 2008 he stood for election. Unfortunately, and as El Diario mentions, none of those candidacies ended well. Undoubtedly, Biden is one of the most influential Democrats within the party and shows that is his popularity in important states like Iowa.

Kamala Harris is the senator who has the support of the youngest Democrats. The senator from California has already campaigned in states where elections are held earlier than in other states. Harris is recognized by the questions asked of Brett Kavanaugh. For El Diario, the advantage of this woman is her African-American and Indian ancestry, added to her political ability and strength.

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The year of the Democrats

While these are some of the names, and in the journey can be added more, there is no doubt that 2019 will be a key year for the Democrats to return to have as a leader, a member of the party. With the mid-term elections held in November, the Democrats regained an important part of the government by having the majority of seats in the House of Representatives.

For Dan Restrepo, a CNN collaborator, for a Democrat to win, "we must act and propose in defense of the concept of the United States with its freedoms, rights, and opportunities for all."

Other scenarios that both favor and harm the Democrats is Trump's re-election. Most Americans oppose a second term of office of the current president. However, in the history of the United States, only two presidents have not won re-election: Jimmy Carter and George HW Bush. However, in order to achieve a decisive victory and get the presidency back in hand, the Democrats will have to look for a homogeneous plan.

For Foreign Policy, it is essential to reach a consensus because "the left wing of the party is committed to a social democratic program", however, "the traditional sector of the party hinders these initiatives, and would be more comfortable with a charismatic figure but moderate that returned to the White House a halo of sanity and respectability."


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