Follow these 5 steps and your baby will leave the feeding bottle at night

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For some children, it is very difficult to leave the feeding bottle, especially at night. We show you some simple tips that you can use!

Follow these 5 steps and your baby will leave the feeding bottle at night

The last bottle of the day is the most difficult to abandon: in addition to allowing children to satisfy their needs for food and suction, for some babies it becomes a comfort object that helps them to fall asleep easily.

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According to Baby Center, this process depends on each baby, but it is believed that between 4 and 6 months most children already consume enough calories during the day to sleep five or six hours at night.

For their part, pediatricians recommend leaving the bottle around the year or no later than 18 months, as soon as the child learns to drink in a cup.

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In addition, the feeding bottle at night can bring several problems for the health of the baby: according to the newspaper Ser Padres, the nighttime feeding bottle can generate obesity, decay when the child falls asleep with it in the mouth, sleep problems, poor eating habits and crowding of the teeth.

However, it is important to approach this process gradually and smoothly, so we present some simple tricks that you can take in practice:

1. Since seven or eight months start to offer liquid in a cup. At first, they will only play, then they will drink small drinks and from the year they will drink enough in a cup.

2. Prolong your night's sleep by delaying the last feeding of the day, or prepare it more abundantly. This will produce a greater feeling of satiety.

3. If the child wakes up at night and only calms down by feeding him, give them a bottle with little milk. And the next night, when they wake up crying, prepare less milk. If they ask for food to calm down, you do not need to give large amounts of food.

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4. Try to keep the last hours of the day calm. Avoid rough games and encourage relaxing activities, such as reading a story. Even if you do not prepare a bottle, go to their bedroom if they wake up, because in this process it will be harder for them to fall asleep on their own.

5. Make sure you eat enough during the day. It is possible that as your baby grows becomes more active and wants less bottle during the day. Compensating at night is not the solution, on the contrary, it tries to obtain the necessary food before going to bed. You can try to give more shots with less milk.


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