CICIG provokes a power struggle in Guatemala

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What was the reason for this power struggle between the Constitutional Court and President Jimmy Morales?

CICIG provokes a power struggle in Guatemala

In defense of the CICIG

On January 9, 2019, the Constitutional Court of Guatemala, the highest authority in the aforementioned country, reversed the decision to expel the United Nations mission in charge of fighting corruption. The magistrates of the court decided, 4 votes against 1, that the news announced by the chancellor, Sandra Jovel, had no legal support. In addition, according to the newspaper El Espectador, the words of said judicial body were the following:

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"The decision issued must be published immediately in the Official Gazette ... as well as, the notification made to the aforementioned public officials obliges them to comply with what was decided in the ruling." Statement that refers to officials such as the president, vice president, interior minister, interior ministry, and Congress.

What was the reaction of the United Nations?

António Guterres, Secretary General of the UN, categorically rejected the decision taken a few days ago by some Guatemalan officials to end the work done by the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICG, in Spanish).

The International News Center of the UN quoted some statements from Guterres supporting the aforementioned diplomatic corps. "The United Nations highlights the important contribution of CICIG in the fight against corruption in Guatemala ... just as, we are grateful for the support that citizens, civil organizations, the international community, and the different governments have given to CICIG ".

In addition, this same news center, points out that the decision of the government of Guatemala is aimed at hindering the investigation that President Morales and some of his relatives have at the moment about financial malpractice.



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The CICIG in Guatemala

The International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala was established in 2007 to combat the criminal and transnational crime networks operating in Guatemala . For example, the New York Times, highlighted the work done by the United Nations body in Guatemalan territory, stating that "CICIG has discovered acts of corruption at different levels, has helped to strengthen the courts and has professionalized the Public Ministry, which has won the approval of a good part of the Guatemalan people; it has also sent powerful politicians, organized crime leaders, and businessmen to prison".

One of the best examples of the effectiveness of this organization has been the resignation of Otto Pérez Molina. The former president retired three months before his term ended due to the pressure of people in 2015. Molina was found guilty of some customs fraud.

Paradoxically, the designated person who succeeded Otto Pérez was Jimmy Morales; president who is now against the CICIG, since his son and brother began to be investigated by a corruption scheme.


LatinAmerican Post | Miguel Díaz
Translated from "Lucha de poderes en Guatemala por la CICIG"

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