They try to deport a United Nations official from Guatemala

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They tried to deport the Colombian Yilen Osorio, researcher of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, upon entering the Central American country

They try to deport a United Nations official from Guatemala

Groups of humanitarian activists and indigenous authorities repudiate what happened to the investigator of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), Yilen Osorio of Colombian origin at La Aurora Airport in Guatemala. The organizations against it requested the arrest of the officials responsible for this measure. Some twenty indigenous organizations and mayors spoke publicly and described as "shameful" the decision taken by the authorities, and they also called for the Attorney General María Consuelo Porras to carry out the corresponding investigation and capture Miguel Antonio Cantoral. Dávila and Irma Cruz Sintecún, in charge of the Migration of La Aurora International Airport, since it is assumed that they are committing the crime of disobedience and illegal detention.

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For its part, the attorney general asked the staff of the Public Ministry to order the agents of the National Civil Police to comply with the constitutional resolution, which is consigned the defense of eleven international officials of the CICIG among which was Osorio. Last October, the Guatemalan Chancellery and Immigration Service requested that their visas be canceled and their diplomatic credentials returned.


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The airport collapsed, the flight of the airline of Colombian origin Avianca was detained in Guatemala because the authorities of this country were trying to deport the Colombian official Osorio. As the president of Línea Aéreas de Guatemala, Motty Rodas, told the press at a local press conference, the doors of the establishment were closed, thus affecting passengers who were preparing to travel through other airlines.

The indigenous municipalities demanded that officials ignore the illegal orders that came from their superiors, among which is President Jimmy Morales, because, otherwise, the groups would be willing to hold them responsible for any situation that could put them at risk. the security and physical integrity of Mr. Osorio. Jordán Rodas is the human rights attorney in Guatemala and requested an action of a personal exhibition to prevent the Colombian investigator of the United Nations from being deported as the Guatemalan immigration authorities tried.

The indigenous authorities also request the Supreme Court of Justice and the Constitutional Court of the country to prevent a self-coup by Jimmy Morales Cabrera. It should be remembered that the Morales period began in the 2015 general election when he won and took office as the first president.


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